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A thought others might not like to hear.
Wrenn Views: 3,806
Published: 16 years ago

A thought others might not like to hear.

I am NOT taking sides at all .
One thought, though, comes to my mind.
This forum is one persons dream.
What he allows or disallows is his decision ,
whether we like it or not.

It is a free world.. and if one man was capable
of creating his own dream forum website from scratch,
then so can each of us.

To try to tell a person to change their forum to create
OUR idea of what HIS forum should be..
is almost like a mother saying *Be a doctor*
when the child wants to be a painter.

In doing so , the mother will never be content
no matter WHAT the son does,
(if he does not be the *doctor dream* SHE has for him.

We choose our own emotions,
We choose whether we can still see good here and do what we can to
share with others our knowledge,
or even to read in archives to further our own .

Even if I never interacted with anyone else on curezone,
I can still learn,
just by reading all the fantastic archives of old posts.

No matter where you go in the world,
in every day, you experience a ying /yang.
You must find the balance within yourself.

(No Judgements here): on others decisions,
since it may be their time to move into other doorways of opportunity.
That is not a bad thing , it can be wonderful .
But if one was to leave with an *I give up * mindset,
then that person may be missing out on getting even stronger
from the learning gained by moving thru and with a challenging situation,
(and finding a personal solution is a well learned experience.)

This is true in everything we do in life.
If you don't accept and learn from the *shadow side of self *,
then you will never achieve your own
embracing of the wholeness that is you ,
to gain full inner balance.

you can apply this then to other aspects of life...
such as the one existing on curezone currently .

You can choose to ignore bad posters,
ignore being drawn into the dramas...
create your own world, post good things /make blogs, etc.

If you sincerely want to help others , then DO IT..
rather than continuously looking at the ones that you feel
are not doing what YOU want them to be doing.
You become your own obstacler then .. since it is your choice.

You can't blame others for YOUR choice to not post good knowledge.
It is an mind trick on yourself,
and you are the one that pays the cost in
repressed, embracing of
angers, upsets, discouragements, etc.
This will also affect your own health in the long run,
as we all know well .

And it also affects the good folks that are here,
since it robs them of the great interaction,
and learning they could have gained from you .

It is like a teacher leaving her students
because she hates the principal.
Who really pays the cost?
did she REALLY want to teach ?
Or is she justifying a reason to leave a job that pays little or nothing
and has begun to deplete her energies,
and has turned out to be something far different
that what she thought it would be.

But the students remain.... untaught.

In summation,
I believe every drop of water in a sea makes a difference.
They all bring a balance
to keep the water not too salty..
but not devoid of nutrients either .

If all the drops that were salty left,
then we would have a lake,
and many salt water species would die.

Be the salt , or be the fresh water..
but whatever you be,
never forget that you are very special
and needed to maintain the balance.

A thought.
Wrenn/ Ami Joi Benton


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