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The True Cause of Psoriasis
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Published: 15 years ago

The True Cause of Psoriasis

I feel a must address this topic. After reading the responses of both sides and years of research there is a single cause of psoriasis. It is poor digestion and elimination of toxins, which seep into the blood stream, overwhelm the body's natural elimination system and result in the nasty spots we all have. Of course when people say that it is the a faulty or overactive immune system that causes it, they are just going back one step. That is like saying that people that died in Hiroshima burned to death. They may have, but they died because an Atomic Bomb was dropped on them. I think it a good analogy because a bomb was dropped on all of us.

The immune system kicks in after the skin eliminates the toxins and sore develops. The immune system attacks this area to produce the scales we all love so much. Immune system inhibitors ( like Ebryl or Methotrexate ) function by attacking this symptom associated with the problem. They can make your skin look better, but cannot cure the problem which is elimination.

That was easy, now comes the complicated part. In all of us the cause in the elimination process is different. Digestion is the key. For the most part, different causes on the skin can be traced to:

1. Large intestine. For most, it is a fault in the large intestion which results in fecal build up and poor elimiation. When the body cannot eliminate though one means, it does through another. This is what Pagano's regimine targets and Cayse talked about. I would say for 60-70% of the cases if they just follow the regimine they will clear up. colonics should not be underestimated.

2. Stomach. Insufficient acid in the stomach can hinder all digestion and result in excess toxins. This explains the validity of ACV to some people. ACV is one of the few natural foods that raises the acidity of the stomach.

3. Liver. A bad liver can hinder the production of bile which will slow or hurt digestion. Milk thistle is the best treatment for this one.

4. Small intestine. An overgrowth of bacteria in the small intestine can hinder the elimination process. Collodial silver is a natural anitbiotic that is effective aginst this.

5. Spine. A good chiropractor and regular adjustments are the strategy here.

6. Heavy Metal Poisoning. Lead or Mercury is the most common. If you have had a little results from the treatment, go get a hair and blood analysis to find out if you have a toxic metal overdose.

7. Lack of vitamins and/or minerals in the body. This can be a number of things. Blood tests can help identify minerals. "The Psoriasis Cure" is a great source to learn where we are deficient and what pills can help.

In all of these treatments, diet is VITAL. I cannot overstate this. We do not eliminate and break down foods like "normal" people. I have found, unless there is a bad case of Candida ( a nutionist should be able to identify this ) Pagano's diet is the best.

The jury is still out on dairy but it is by no means a cause. In fact, yogurt with its good bacteria is recommended.

I followed Pagano's diet 2 times with little result, then a third 3 month regimine produced astounding results. 100% of my Psoriasis cleared up!!!!! A few months later a nasty infection caused my MD. to prescribe ( I should have known better ) a few strong Antibiotics . This not only allowed it to return, but it took a hold in the small intestine which has been a very difficult culprit. I am now in the process of healing with a diet and treatment specifically engineered for the small intestine.

This is not rocket Science guys. We can all counquer this, but not with a cure all or magic bullet. We are all different, our bodies are different, our causes are different and our treatments should be different.

If you dont know where to start, get a nutritionist. That's a good place. Then get Pagano's book. Another good place. Will power and adherence to the diet is SO important. If you can't do the diet, accept failure.

One other thing, Zinc Oxide cream has been very benifical to me recently.

Hope this helps somebody.......


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