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Re: Please help-Scalp Psoriasis
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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: Please help-Scalp Psoriasis

There is a message posted by TomT some 12 months ago in which he talks how he cleared up his Psoriasis completely.

(see below)

I would like to add my own personal comments about clearing up Psoriasis for good. I've had Psoriasis since I was 17, much like what TomT describes as the case he has/had. Mine has been just enough to be annoying -- I hated to take off my shirt to go swimming since I had some spots on my upper back and shoulders. Other than that, I had/have the usual scalp psoriasis with some in ears and rarely in eyebrows. I'm now 39, and most of it is gone.

I've always been interested in improving heath, and some years ago, I began to study herbs. From this it followed that I began to sway more toward vegetarianism. About 4 I began the final process of weaning off of meat (by then I really only ate chicken, and that was a maximum of once per week).

I had read about the use of the herb rosemary in psoriasis treatment, and I had tried infusions of rosemary in the past with noticable brief clearning, but I took the infusions similarly to how one might take an Antibiotic -- for 10 days to 2 weeks, and then I stopped. After the brief clearning of my spots, progress would seem to stagnate with no further improvement.

Two years ago, I'd had enough. I grow a live rosemary plant, and I thought to myself, why not just eat 1 leaf (needle) per day and see what happens -- keep on going with it for as long as it takes. I began following that pattern -- one rosemary needle right after I awoke followed by a glass of water. I noticed immediate improvement, and the improvement continued to "improve" with each passing week. In fact, it got to where my spots were almost entirely gone.

Now, I want to add a few of things to this:

1) During this same time as the rosemary, I had gone completely vegetarian which I think had a significant synergistic effect.

2) I'm still in process of getting my spots cleared completely (a recent "flare" brought 6 spots back to redness when they had been nearly clear back in the first week of Jan. 2004)

3) I'm guessing that what I'm missing is the kind of stuff TomT was talking about -- alkalinity and yeasts / fungi. I've always enjoyed spicey foods so I eat tomato-based / jalapeno salsa every day. I usually have 2 cups of coffee, and I like citrus fruits. One of the things I did starting in Jan. was to juice several citrus fruits properly (meaning, just remove the skin coloring but leave the white and juice it as is -- drink right away). This could be a correlation to my flareup (right around the first of Feb 2004) as could the fact that I had been eating a great deal of broccoli and cauliflower back in Nov and Dec ot 2003, but I realized I had stopped with that after the first of the year (holiday vacations threw me off). Notice the pattern -- increased citrus and decreased cruciferous veggies? I'm hoping I'm onto something there otherwise I'll have to start fasting and add things back one-by-one.

4) I used to drink peppermint teas like TomT suggested, but again I realized, I've dropped off somewhere over 2003. I should probably start again.

5) I've always been physically fit -- I run 3 miles every other day and do an upper-body muscle workout on alternate days.

6) I always drink about 1.75 liters of water daily (70 oz) plus juices and a couple of cups of coffee. I try to keep the juices fresh (as in, juice them yourself and drink them).

7) It is possible to get too much rosemary! Only "eat" as much as you might eat if you were cooking with it (for example, I would think 6-7 needles within a day would be more than enough).

8) I have used dandelion root (fresh from the garden :) ) as a liver cleanser though i understand that milk thistle works better -- I've never tried that one. Could the dandelion root work? Possibly...

9) As a vegetarian, I used to eat a lot of soy, but being a guy, I did a little research on that when I noticed my overall sex drive drop off a bit faster than I believe it should at my age. For now, I've completely removed soy, got the sex-drive back, and I'll have to figure out how to handle that one from now on. It is my understanding that the estrogenic effects of soy could have a positive effect on the alkalinity of your system -- not sure about this -- but I would caution both sexes not to over-do the soy in any case. A couple of sources I read mentioned keeping it to 1 serving of soy in a day maximum (about 8g of soy protein).

10) I seriously try to get only organic products. I believe that the pesticides, herbicides, preservatives , hormones, and whatnot that are being added to our foods are wreaking havoc on our bodies. Just look at the increased occurences of allergies within the general population these days!

I have witnessed the curative power of proper dieting on both allergies and psoriasis. I used to have hayfever (sometimes asthma), and I could never breath through more than one side of my nose at a time, but all of this went away when I quit drinking cow's milk. I've tried to remove dairy entirely, but that's hard to do -- again, flareups? Maybe so.

Conventional medicine does not have laboratory proof so they will disagree that psoriasis is diet based. From my own experience, the experiences of people like TomT, and the knowledge of herbologists / naturalists / homeopaths, I have concluded it is indeed diet based, and some of us are a little bit more sensitive to dietary irregularities than others. I will say it can be "cured," and it can stay gone for good; it's just a matter of finding the right lifestyle for you -- the right combinations.

Now, if I can just get those remaining spots to go... :)

Best wishes to everyone!




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