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How to stay clear of Psoriasis
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Published: 20 years ago
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How to stay clear of Psoriasis

OK now you know how to cure your Psoriasis you should also be asking yourself how did I get this in the first place and how can I avoid it returning in the future.

It's true that some people potentially do have a certain genetic pre-disposition and family history of Psoriasis but I believe that lifestyle is by far the most important factor in causing the onset of Psoriasis.

It's also true that many Psoriasis sufferers used to suffer from greasy skin as teenagers aswell, and this almost certainely contributed to the factors which caused their Psoriasis (especially Scalp Psoriasis). However, one must bear in mind that once again the liver is responsible for the health of the skin and regulates the amount of sebaceous gland activity which directly effects the moisture of the skin. Therefore a teenager with over active sebaceous glands was already receiving a signal that his/her liver was out of balance (albeit mildly) and this was the first symptom that their liver needed to be looked after (naturally of course, mainly by lifestyle/dietary changes) before it caused any more complications in their bodies.

Psoriasis is particularly difficult to treat because it is a multi-factorial disorder. However, all my research (and first hand experience) has led me to the conclusion that the following lifestyle areas are the most important contributary factors in causing the onset of Psoriasis (in order of importance): Stress, Exercise, Routine, Diet.

Stress: This is the great modern affliction of our time. Probably responsible for a lot more disease than we realise. It taxes the adrenal glands to the point where a lot of working people suffer from adrenal exaustion without even being aware of it. This starts by exhibiting similar symptoms to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

It also puts a lot of strain on the liver which is the only organ able to break adrenalin back down, in order for it to not remain in the bloodstream. It measurably lowers the immune system. It also almost halts all digestive functions as blood is directed away from the digestive system to prepare for a fight or flight situation resulting in poor digestion, gas and poor absorption of nutrients. It also indirectly encourages your gastro-intestinal tract to turn acidic when it should be alkaline.

Solution: Work on relaxation techniques and stress temperers.
These include: Exercise, Meditation, Deep Breathing, Massages and learn mental stress management techniques by attending self development courses. Its your attitude to the stressful event that controls how much adrenalin will be released into your system.

Exercise uses up your built up excess nervous energy and releases endorphins which have a powerful relaxing and calming effect on the body. Meditation: Is known to be one of the most effective methods for deep relaxation. It also has been clinically proven to raise your T-Cell count (immune system) by about 18% after only 15 minutes of meditation. Massage: The relaxing and healing properties of touch through massage are well known and fairly well documented. They also help release the toxic build up in muscles including lastic acid.


Exercise & Elimination: One of the greatest causes of disease is toxic loading or when your body is unable to rid itself of the toxins that are building up in your system. This is one of the greatest contributary factors in all cancers. This occurs when the body's natural elimination systems are either blocked or extremely sluggish due to under-stimulation. The lymphatic system plays a very important role in eliminating your toxins by moving them around and out of your body. That is why your glands swell up when you are sick. It is because your lymph nodes are working overtime to process the toxins (often generated by virus and bacterial action) out of your body. The lymphatic system does not have a pump like the heart and only works properly when the body is moving. The largest amd most important lymph nodes are positioned under the armpits and either side of your crotch. In other words walking or running is the most effective exercise to get your lymph nodes pumping out those toxins because those glands are stimulated by your arms and legs moving. Also exercise considerably promotes good digestion by raising your general metabolic functions.

Solution: Work on stimulating all your body's natural elimination systems. These include: Urination, Defecation, Perspiration and osmosis via the tongue in the morning.

Regular daily exercise even if it's just walking, to help stimulate your lymphatic system. Try and break a sweat everyday if possible even if it's just for 10 minutes. Steam baths are good for sweating. Make sure your diet contains sufficient fibre to allow you to defecate at least once a day and preferably twice. Drink plenty of water so your kidneys are properly eliminating (you should be peeing clear in the day if you are properly hydrated). Always brush your tongue with your toothbrush to remove the white toxin accumulation first thing in the morning (and always before eating or drinking). Massages are also a great way to stimulate the lymphatic system as is skin brushing before a vigourous shower. Try and always finish your shower as cold as you can go. This has been documented to raise your energy levels by actually raising your blood sugars (also known as an effective natural treatment for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). It also raises your general immune system aswell.


Routine: Much like a dog or any other animal your body loves a good predictable routine. Your body spends a lot of time trying to balance your blood Sugar levels as this directly effects your energy levels and mood aswell. This operation is performed mainly by regulating your insulin levels. It is very important to help your body in this process by eating at the same times everyday and not skiping meals. It is also important to prevent any dips in blood Sugar levels between meals by snacking on the right health foods when you are hungry. If you become reliant on carbohydrates like potato chips or sugary foods to raise you energy levels you are definetly stressing your system by causing your blood sugars to yoyo up and down. Carbohydrates, especially simple carbohyrates cause a very rapid increase in blood sugars and then a similar rapid drop off when they wear off (almost like a recreational drug). If you crave these foods it almost certainely means you have a tired pancreas. Also when you are working on nervous energy by skipping meals you are taxing your whole hormonal system and especially your pancreas and liver. Going to sleep at the same time is also an important part of a good health routine as it plays an important part in keeping your blood Sugar levels stable during the night.

Solution: Work on keeping a very regular eating and sleeping pattern/routine. Ween yourself off simple carbohydrate snacks and opt for slow release complex-carbohydrates, fruits, nuts or herbal teas with honey to keep your blood sugar levels stable throughout the day.


Diet: You will notice that I have positioned diet at the end of the list which is probably contrary to what many alternative pratitioners and especially nutritionists might recommend. While diet of course plays and important role in health and especially healing, I have found that Stress Management, Exercise and a good Daily Routine appear to play an even more important role in preventing Psoriasis and other chronic illnesses. Thats why you can have a person with a very healthy Diet and yet they still seem to suffer from disorders like Psoriasis or IBS. While a person who is very fit, keeps cool under pressure and yet shows very little concern for their diet appears to be much more resilient to disease and is often in considerably better all around health.

This is because a fit, relaxed body has an amazing capacity to adapt to it's enviroment and that includes dealing with all sorts of toxic substances including artficial food additives . The problem arises when the body gets overloaded and is not elimiating properly as explained above. Then the diet suddenly becomes very important because so many foods become irritants to the system as it has become hyper-sensitive. Alcohol consumption also becomes a problem when you are not eliminating toxins properly.

What is important is to maintain the Alkaline balance in the gastro-intestinal digestive tract as this naturally inhibits the formation of fungus, proliferation of bad bacteria and protozoa. It also is the right enviroment for our good bacteria. Moreover, the health of the Gastro-Intestinal tract has been directly linked to Psoriasis and skin disorders in general. The skin is the mirror of the gut.

Solution: Work on keeping your system Alkaline by keeping the following regimen: Drinking warm water with lime first thing, eating bitter foods like: artichokes, watercress, rocket, etc..., avoiding simple carbohydrates. Promoting good digestion habits and good liver function by consumption of cruciferous vegetables. Poor digestion results in undigested foods which festers and turns your system acidic. This in turn leaves you vulnerable to food poisoning. Also frequently take pro-biotic courses to boost your good bacteria levels, especially while taking anti-biotics or after illness, diarrhea or especially after food poisoning. And also when travelling.

Proper hydration is also very important for maintaining good liver, kidney and pancreatic funtion. So ensure that you drink at least 1 to 1 1/2 Litres of water a day.


These specific areas of our lifestyle as listed above directly effect the functioning of your liver, gastro/intestinal tract, and your general immune system. We now know that the underlying root cause of Psoriasis has been directly linked to an imbalance in these systems which direct us to conclude that we should focuse on these areas of our lifestyle if we wish to stay Psoriasis free and generally in peak health for the ongoing future. We simply need to be more disciplined and kinder to ourselves!

I hope all my notes have been helpful to you all. It certainly has taken me a long time to accumulate all this knowledge and it's taken me quite a while to write up these posts. My only goal is to genuinely help Psoriasis sufferers to get a permanent cure like I have done for myself. If I can help anyone do this, then I will consider all my efforts worthwhile.

Good luck and Good health to you all!!



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