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Re: RE: Sleepwalking
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Published: 19 years ago
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Re: RE: Sleepwalking

There probably is a connection between the dental work and the migraine, but it may just be tension. Concentrate on relaxing the muscles next time. Drink lots of fluids before and after, and be sure to get plenty of magnesium before and after. Just in case some metals did get into your bloodstream, you can take a good super-green powder with blue-green algea, spirulina and chlorella.

The sleepwalking and waking at the same time is from a lot of factors that have since been ingrained thru repetition. So you have to break the pattern.

First off, anytime she thinks "I will NOT wake up at X hour" the brain remembers "I will wake up at X hour." The brain cannot remember the word NOT. That's why affirmations always have to be positive. The brain, mind and consciousness is all about what we WILL to do, not what we don't. It's why people who focus on what NOT to do tend to get obsessed with it and end up doing it, such as dieters who eat cake, or priests who preach against sin all day and then end up sinning.

So first thing to do is to clear the remnants of the original stress. A flower essence mix like Rescue Remedy or Emergency Trauma, or ones chosen for her in particular (find a Flower Essence practioner or get a set from Perelandra and learn kinesiology, it's quite powerful healing and nice to have on hand) would be a great way to deal with the miasm. Massage is good, and essential oils that are calming (lavendar, basil, bergamot, woods like cedar, ylang ylang) should be introduced to her bedroom and bubble baths. Ocean sounds or rain, whichever she prefers. The bedroom should be used mainly for sleep and for nothing else. Studying and eating should be done in other rooms of the house.

Withhold all fluids 2 hours before bed, make bedtime the same time every night, no eating after 8:00 pm except for this tonic:

warm milk simmered for 10 minutes with a cinamon stick, 2 cardamom pods, 1 whole clove, slice of ginger. Pour into a mug with a spoonful of honey. Drink about half hour before bed. Be sure she visits the bathroom before bed.

Next time she's fully asleep, visit her bedroom and start talking to her. Rub her back gently, or anything else you would normally do to comfort her, but lightly. Follow your intuition, but do say things like this: that everything is okay, you are both fine and you aren't going to leave her ever, she's safe, and what happened to her is in the past. It's over.

You may need to do this for 3 nights, sporadically.

I think she's carried in some heavy duty cell memory into this life and your illness triggered it. Fear of abandonment is one of the hardest fears to conquer. The little one in her can't use logic to make the demons go away.

Hope that helps! :)

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