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Digestion question re: cleansing
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Published: 17 years ago

Digestion question re: cleansing

Hi there!

In May/June, I did a 22 day Master Cleanse by Burroughs' book. I had 3-4 or more eliminations a day, no major crises, and felt great! I used lax tea at night, swf on weekends... didn't feel the need to do more because I was "going" a lot. Beginning the 20th day, my physical hunger became stronger than the lemonade, it was no longer abating the hunger. Plus, I was only eliminating a little mucous every day, so I figured this was my body's way of telling me I was done for now. That cleanse accomplished my main goal, which was breaking a long term fast food / junk food / convenience food habit, as well as a chocolate and bread addiction.

In the two months since the fast, I've been eating primarily raw/vegetarian. Post-fast, I first continued to eliminate several times daily, then slowly less and less until it hit once a day, sometimes only once every other day.

Infrequent BMs (sometimes only once a week) have been a pattern all my life, and I was hoping this would change with better eating habits.

In the past several months, since discovering Curezone, I've been reading the various forums and links provided within, as well as reading up on information at other sites regarding health and cleansing. Over the past few years, I have developed food intolerances (dairy, wheat, yeast, peanuts, etc), my energy levels have been chronically low (they always have been, even as a child), and my legs itch a lot for no reason I can discern. In addition, about 2.5 years ago, I developed a pressure in my right sinus that constantly blocks my right ear. I've been to two ENTs, both of whom did tests, scans, prescribed meds, decongestants, etc., none of which worked. They finally both just shrugged their shoulders in non-conclusion. None of these things are debilitating to me, I live my life just fine, but I can't help but wonder if I could be more productive, more energetic if I could find the source of this stuff and rid myself of it.

I decided to embark upon a second cleanse. On 8/16, I started the Master Cleanse. I was going to do a fast, parasite cleanse, Bowel Cleanse and Liver Flush in sequence. After looking at my September schedule, I decided instead to do them simultaneously, so I could be finished before things got crazy. On 8/22, I shifted to the Ultimate Cleanse - the Master-Cleanse with Paragon and BP added.

My second cleanse started out much different than the first. From the beginning, even though I was taking lax tea at night, I was having only one BM per day. When I added the other elements, after an initial movement from the first BP, nothing. By 8/24 mid-day, I had something like six BPs ingested that weren't coming out. I didn't feel bad, not even bloated, but I knew this wasn't good. Lax tea didn't help, swf didn't help, water and hot water wasn't helping. I was planning on doing an enema that evening. That afternoon, a friend reminded me that chocolate can be a laxative. I ate two small pieces of chocolate, and within 10 minutes, I was eliminating ropes and ropes of mucoid plaque, followed by chunks of mp, followed by more ropes. The same process happened over the next two days. No movement 8/24 night through 8/26 morning, that afternoon ate two small pieces of chocolate - more ropes, more mp chunks.

I wanted to do a Liver Flush this weekend, since it's my last free weekend for a while. In preparation, 8/27 morning, I did not take Paragon or any BP, I drank only the lemonade until 2pm. I did do a SWF (Salt-Water-Flush) in the morning, which flushed more mp and mucous. I've now done the course of the liver flush. I found it not to be distasteful at all, and had no problem with it. The Epsom Salts /ogfj combo has been working much like the swf, and I've been "going" constantly since last night. This morning, since the first es/ogfj, I've been eliminating small lime green stones, some as tiny as a pinhead, the largest maybe 1/4 to 3/4 of an inch, along with some chaff. I'm still in the midst of it as I write this.

I want to continue the Ultimate Fast for maybe 5-10 days longer. However, I'm concerned about the elimination pattern that's developing. Distilled, my question is: Is the infrequent elimination something that could hurt or damage me in any way? I realize that I can also do the BPs while juice fasting or eating normally, but in my mind, it just seems more effective to do while fasting. (Less substance between the bp and the colon)

Also, I am wondering how we KNOW that our colon is clean of MP? I've done a little research on Curezone, and the most of an answer I've been able to find is that you know it's clean when your stools are light, fluffy and float. But my stools were like that at the end of my last cleanse and after, when I clearly did not have a clean colon. If that were the case, why would I be eliminating MP now? I thought also that perhaps getting a colonic at the end of all this would "prove" a clean colon or not - after all, you can see what comes out. But perhaps a colonoscopy is the only way to know for sure? (Not that I'm going to get one to prove it, but..)

I know I've written a novel, and I appreciate the time of anyone who's read it. If you have any knowledge, experience or advice to share, I welcome it.

Readers' digest version of my questions:

1) Is the infrequent elimination something that could hurt or damage me in any way?

2) Also, I am wondering how we KNOW that our colon is clean of MP?

Thank you, and all the best to you,

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