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8th cleanse RESULTS
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Published: 19 years ago
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8th cleanse RESULTS

From: "barry91162"
Date: Fri Mar 22, 2002 4:46 pm
Subject: 8th cleanse RESULTS..
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Hey Stonies,

Here we go again. I've just completed my 8th Dr. Clark Liver/GB
cleanse. This is the first time I've eliminated the Epsom Salts . I've
used them every time before. I wanted to try something different to
get the gb to contract harder and get my hard, 1 cm, 'problem' stone
out. I was thinking that the ES was restricting the contraction of my
gb because of it's relaxing properties. My thinking was to make the
gb contract and push the stone into the cystic duct and then drink ES
in the morning to relax the duct and let it slide out. I was
expecting more pain and was willing to roll around on the floor all
night to finally get the stone out. Well, it didn't happen that
way...this time.

I had no pain or any feeling of gb contraction. After the morning ES
drink, I did pass a lot of sludge, globs of stone-like stuff, and
food from my colon. I saw some stones floating but the majority came
out with harder stool. Overall, I feel good about the waste coming
out but the results I was seeking (harder contraction of gb without
the use of ES) was not successful.

The next cleanse attempt will be during a colic attack. This is the
idea Rachel was talking about a few days ago. Colic-Flush. When my gb
is contracting at it's best potential, and the problem stone is
blocking the mouth of the gb trying to exit to the duct, is the time
I feel will be the best time for my body to attempt the elimination
of the stone. I've taken ES during an attack before but it only
relaxes the gb and the stone drops back down. I will try drinking the
oil during an attack and see if it provides the extra push needed to
help the stone exit. Maybe it's just my body and the way my gb is
functioning that is the reason the flush has not removed this stone.
It is only 1 cm and shouldn't be that difficult. It just seems that
my gallbladder is not contraction hard enough during a oil cleanse.
It seems like my gallbladder is working good during an attack but not
when I do the Clark cleanse. What I mean by that is, even though I've
gotten tons of sludge, over 2,000 stones (globs of liver stone-like
material, soft), sandy grain, gunk, etc, I still have the 1 cm, hard,
stone that is not coming out. Also, this is the colic stone because
it still creates the attack as before.

So, that's the story. Maybe it is only my body, but I need to work
out a different method to get success.

Thank you, everyone, for reading. Good luck with your flush.

Be Healthy.


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