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Re: OK to mix psyllium husks with flax seed oil and water/aloe vera juice?
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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: OK to mix psyllium husks with flax seed oil and water/aloe vera juice?

Hello, Deborah ...

Do you happen to have one of those little $20 Krupps coffee grinders? Shelley and I were just talking about them in another post.

If you do, then stop by your nearest natural foods place and pick up a pound of flax seed. (You'll be happy to hear that it's dirt cheap!)

Put a tablespoon or two in the grinder, and then put the resulting powder in a blender or shaker ... et voila! A perfectly lovely high-fiber drink with flax oil built right in!

You can add some psyllium husks to the mixture, if you want to, but it really isn't necessary. The ground flax seed will perform its own magic in your gastro-intestinal tract all by itself.

On top of that, it is really rather "nutty" in flavor and quite pleasant to the taste buds. I think you will like it!

Regards, Elizabeth ...

Note 1: You can grind up a little extra and put some in a Sugar shaker to make it easy to sprinkle on salads or rice or whatever.

Note 2: You can add a spoonful or two of the powder to any smoothie. It's particularly delicious with bananas.

Note 3: You can whiz some up in warm water just before you go to bed at night and sink into a deep, restful sleep.

Note 4: Finely-ground flax seed is more than fiber. It's food.

Note 5: What I do with psyllium husks is this: I buy empty 00 capsules and fill them with psyllium husks. I have a little capsule-filling gadget which makes it easy to do this and, after it's done, I take one capsule before each meal unless for some reason I sense a need for more bulk in my stool, and then I might take two capsules before each meal for a day or two until things return to what I consider to be normal. I know this probably sounds sort of "fussy" when it's so easy to just put those husks in a glass of water and shake them up and swig them down, but I discovered that I didn't really like doing that and, in the search for what seemed to me to be a better way, I stumbled across the capsule idea and have been happier than a clam at high tide ever since. I don't have to force down a gritty, gooey mass I don't like, and I get to achieve a much greater degree of control over the state of my stool than I would ever have believed possible before.

Note 6: Another thing I do with psyllium husks is keep some in a stainless steel Sugar shaker so I can sprinkle them on my husband's breakfast cereal and luncheon sandwiches and dinner salads. He takes in just about the same amount of psyllium husks as I do, but without having to swallow a pill, which he absolutely hates to do. And they have just about the same effect on him as they do on me, which is to "plump up" and soften the stool and make it easier to pass. Personally, I am persuaded that it is better to add a little of it to each meal than to ingest a glob of it as a separate activity morning and evening, but I know lots of people who go the 2Xglob route so I have to assume that they have a reason for doing it that suits them.

Note 7: Are you drinking water? Specifically, are you drinking water about half an hour *before* your meals? What happens when you do this is that the water gets absorbed into your tissues and then, when you start putting food in your stomach and your stomach starts sending out messages to your body to send digestive fluids to your stomach, your body can do so without dehydrating itself (and your stool) as a consequence.

Note 8: Are you taking the aloe vera for immune-building purposes? If so, then the best *time* to take it is early in the morning and especially late in the afternoon when your defenses are at low ebb. And the best *way* to take it is alone in warm water so that it can seep through the walls of your stomach and into the major operating systems of your body as quickly as possible and sort of "flood" them all at once. If you ever come down with the flu, for example, a quadruple dose of aloe in a pint of warm water drunk right straight down will bring a high fever down to very near normal in less than 20 minutes. It's really quite remarkable. Try it and see!


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