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Anti-Nutrients - Foods that Steal Your Reserves (long)
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Published: 15 years ago
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Anti-Nutrients - Foods that Steal Your Reserves (long)

Explaining and defending the whole pH argument is confusing. Rather than write more about that, I've decided to talk about what gets overlooked - the fact that some foods cost us more than they give us. Be on the lookout for the Anti-nutrients.

Our body can only store so much. When it comes to vitamin B12, the vitamin essential to good mental and nervous system health, we can store up to two years' worth. But once these stores are bankrupt, the onset of illness is swift and terrifying. We may not have changed a single thing about our lifestyle, yet we begin to experience symptoms that are commonly associated with major, life-threatening diseases with no known cure. (Possibly there's no known cure because they haven't figured out yet that the disease is really a Vitamin B deficiency!)

Here are the symptoms you're most likely to experience from a B12 deficiency:

Loss of appetite
Numbness and tingling of hands and feet
Paleness (anemia)
Shortness of breath
Sore mouth and tongue
Confusion or change in mental status in severe or advanced cases. This is sometimes confused with dementia and psychosis. More importantly, even a moderate deficiency of this important vitamin and its counterpart, folic acid, may ultimate contribute to the onset of Alzheimers disease or other related dementias.

And that's from just one essential nutrient. Chances are if you're low in B12 you're low in other things as well.

Not only do you have to eat right to get all the nutrients you need, if you want to cheat and eat tons of refined sugar, bread, phony foods, microwave meals, cooked foods, lean muscle meat, sodas, coffee, black tea, pasteurized and homogenized milk, margerine, non-dairy creamer, powdered milk or eggs, energy bars, or take drugs, you are quickly subtracting from your nutrient savings account. One which may never have been fully stocked up to begin with!

Everything you eat requires a nutrient to digest and assimilate it, and a nutrient must help excrete the waste products. The more refined it is, such as refined sugar, the more the minerals that help to digest it are stripped away. Sugars require a LOT of enzymes, and enzymes all have at least one mineral attached, as minerals are like co-enzymes. So eat refined Sugar with its long chain of carbohydrates, and you lose a lot of your stores of enzymes, which means they can no longer be used for repair.

Would you work eight hours a day just to get further in debt? That's what you're doing when you eat phony foods for convenience's sake.

There was a rather sadistic experiment forced upon some rats. The control group got to eat pellets like any other rat. The test group ate cornflakes. A third group, as a joke, at the box that the cornflakes came in. The surprise was that the cornflake rats died before the box-eating rats. In fact, the last cornflake fed rat died before the first box-eating rat.

Balance is key. Getting nutrients from real foods and truly absorbable supplements is mandatory for the quality of your life.

I tried many of the diets considered healthy, the ones that gave me bragging rights for being a healthy person, smarter and more disciplined than the average Sally. I avoided the obvious pitfalls like margarine, but I fell for all the rest: a low fat diet, a completely vegetarian diet, low-cholesterol diet, calorie-counting diet, and you know what always got me sick and tired? These diets. I may as well have been eating Snickers for all the good my tasteless, "healthy" foods did me. I was, basically, the rat who ate the cornflakes because that's what everyone said was healthy.

Do you want to know what always came to my rescue? Whole foods of *every kind* in their simplest state; butter; a whole lot of eggs; oils; nuts; meats high in fat; fish; and certain supplements and super-foods.

I knew this is what worked for me but I kept it to myself because any verification I found was from research and testimonials that were pretty obscure. Telling people to eat a really juicy broiled hamburger patty is a very quick way to be looked down upon as crazy and even immoral. Yet, the higher-fat hamburger is actually better than the lower fat. Proteins need fats and lots of them! plus other things in order to digest, and so if you constantly eat lean meats you will starve yourself to death becasue you'll be making one kind of deposit - protein - but making 20 odd withdrawals from your savings account at the same time.

Native Americans knew of an illness they called the "rabbit sickness." It was due to only having rabbit meat to eat, as it is leaner than chicken. When rabbit was all that was available, the natives would choose instead to eat nothing or hunt for insects, which have very high levels of fat, and add them to their broth. The trappers from Canada didn't know this rule and would often be found frozen to death because their bodies just gave out.

Bears, when they hunt the returning salmon, only eat the fat under the skin. They leave the rest of the fish for scavengers.

The only time you need to limit meat is when there is gout and arthritis. You must abstain from meat until the Arthritis pain is gone, or at the earliest stages of a cleansing program, for the most part, but even while continuingr you health program may resume eggs and fish, broth and liver. You shouldn't abstain for more than six months.

The best way to enjoy your junk food/anti-nutrient is to enjoy it very part-time, and precede and follow it with a very good diet of:

Fermented Foods

Many vitamins are created by microbes, but thanks to our overwhelming terror of things we cannot see, we end up sanitizing and destroying beneficial bacteria that serve to pre-digest our foods, sparing our enzymes by breaking down long chains of compounds into individual units that no longer require enzymes, the microbes activity increasing vitamins like the B's and ever-elusive K. Fermented foods should not be confused with the fermentation that I mention happens in the intestines - fermentation is only a positive thing when it happens outside of us. ;)

The main mistake raw food advocates make is not adding fermented foods to their diet. Raw cellulose is way hard to digest, animals have several stomachs for this task. Many plants have anti-nutrients as a defense mechanism against being eaten before they can flower. Wheatgrass is this way, I won't drink wheatgrass juice, I will instead eat the nutrient-rich butter from the happy cows that ate wheatgrass.

Dairy is rendered safe and even a tonic once it's curdled by lacto-bacilli (milk Sugar loving bacterium.) The bacilli break down the milk sugars so that even someone with lactose intolerance may be able to enjoy dairy once again.

Pasteurized, homogonized dairy, on the other hand, has been denatured to the point where it's an anti-nutrient, often signaling the immune system to attack it as an invading virus, the patterns of proteins are so skewed by the heat. The lack of microbes means we have to use our own enzymes to digest it. The fats are rendered indigestible and turn into the kind of fats that line our blood vessals and cause arteriosclerosis. If you can't handle curds and whey, at least see about getting raw whole milk. If you can't buy raw milk in your area, definitely learn about kefir grains.

Beef is much more friendly and easy to digest after it is properly aged. In Europe they eat meat we wouldn't expect to see except on "The Fear Factor." Really smelly meat left to hang for weeks until it is literally covered with green slime.

Eskimos habitually buried their fresh catch of fish until it smelled.

So don't just eat raw, eat rotted! Or compromise - add digestive enzymes to your diet and pickle some ginger and cabbage. ;)

Get Plenty of Minerals
Now of course too much of a good thing is a bad thing, but it's tough to overdose on minerals if you're mainly getting them from diet and supplementing minimally with something like EmergenC, CalMagFizz, super-green foods, or clay. Many people here on CureZone take Bentonite for cleansing purposes, but for mineral replenishing purposes, a bit Calcium Montmorillonite is better:

"Calcium montmorillonite, the second type of montmorillonite, is also known as "living clay" for it principally consists of minerals that enhance the production of enzymes in all living organisms. Benefits of calcium Montmorillonite minerals have been documented in research conducted by many scientists and leading universities. "In addition to the role it plays as a potent detoxifier, Calcium Montmorillonite Clay has also been used extensively in the treatment of pain, open wounds, colitis, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, stomach ulcers, intestinal problems, acne, anemia, and a variety of other health issues."

Have a Bit of Oil with Every Meal

Another anamoly I've pondered because I'm half-Japanese and thus tan easily is the fact that people who tan easily are also twice as likely to get skin cancer. Most of my life people have warned me about going to the beach. This made no sense. We have darker pigmentation in order to handle the sun better, but it doesn't work? Nature was *naive* ? So we get cancer from the sun's rays, while pale people do not, even after they move to the equator or work outside and get burned frequently? Does that make any sense to you? And why has no one ever asked why that is?

Once you factor in the frequency that skin cells replace themselves (approximately every 30 days) you can see the big lie perpetuated by tanning lotion companies and clueless physicians. The sun does not cause cancer, a rotten diet does. A rotten diet that depletes us of our reserves so our skin is deficient and full of toxins trying to escape. Even without the proper nutrients, the skin is required to shed and be replaced with new skin, and so the new cells degrade and degrade every month we are overdrawn on our savings accounts.

I have this little test I like to do called "the back of the arm test." I run my hands over the back of my arms, you know, above the elbow. This is where I constantly get teensy tiny bumps, or at least, I did when I was a vegetarian and when my thyroid was way low. Now that I've resumed my egg shakes, don't totally avoid butter, and eat organ meats, it's smooth as silk. I can just imagine that happening to the rest of my body, that kind of revitalization.

The carrot juice I drank that turned me orange? I finally found out why. No, it wasn't totally an overdose of beta-carotene, it wasn't jaundice due to the carrot juice helping my liver to flush (when the Liver Flushes well, bilirubin doesn't end up in the bloodstream unless you're constipated, it ends up in the intestines to be released with fecal matter).

No, it was the fact that when I drank my dose of carrot juice I wasn't taking in any fats whatsoever. Beta-carotene requires BILE in order to convert to Vitamin A in the liver. No bile, no Vitamin A, just storage of beta-carotene in the adipose (fat) tissues, where it can eventually be seen as an orange cast. So take your carrot juice with a bit of cream or butter or olive oil if you want to get full value from your nutrients! that's how you MAXimize savings and invest rather than withdraw - proper food combining. And that way, the juice is no longer so cold to the body, it's more balanced.

Proper food combining as I use it is not totally like Shelton says, a way of only eating certain kinds of foods with certain other foods so that they can fully digest, altho that is a part of it. Proper food combining is making sure that you have a bit of everything in your main meal - fats, carbs, protein, minerals. Most fruit should be eaten alone, but really the key to whether you digest something is how it is prepared and whether the meal is the right size for the power of your digestion.

No one has a really clear idea of the consequences of using up their stores of nutrients, not even when they get sick. We keep looking outside of ourselves for the cause and are flummoxed when there is no definitive scapegoat. The fact that genetics and environment play a part shouldn't be used as an excuse, but rather a spur to even better eating to compensate for the strikes against us and constant bombardment of pollution.

Like any other diet, eating whole foods takes a bit of knowledge, but I guarantee you will get positive feedback immediately from your starved body when you do it right. The overwhelming sense of wellness that accompanies a mineral rich, fat rich, amino acid rich, even carb rich, meal is what I wish for all of you, for it is Nirvana.

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