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Re: Friends
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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: Friends


I feel for everyone on this site and I consider everyone on this site family as we are all going through the similar health issues. I sometimes dream that I could close my eyes and God or whomever will show me what is wrong and how to make everyone on this site healthy.

I am only trying to help. So many of us have been trying to rid our bodies of Candida for years with no 'real' progress. Something here just doesnt add up.

Asking for people to get a culture of their tongues was only presented as many people keep saying they have Thrush on their tongues. There is a major difference from a simple coating compared to a yeast or 'THRUSH' infection on their tongue or inside cheeks of their mouth. A scrape test should prove this.

I guess what I am doing here is raising the possibility that many (I agree some diabetics here may truly be full of Candida) of us are going down the wrong path with respects to treating our health issues.

- What can I eat?
- What cant I eat?
- What teas, herbs etc are antifungal?
- What probiotics do I take?

** Watching this for 10 years I can truly say it hasnt healed anyone. It has seemed to help people in the short term but most just come back after months and say they are back to square one. I feel for them.

I have been through it all as well. All of my symptoms from the 8 months of Antibiotics are still here. Some things are not as prevelant but they are still here. It doesnt make sense.

My history of this ailment and my symptoms all pointed to Candida:

- Given almost 8 months of Antibiotics .
- As time progressed I noticed a thick coating on my tongue that scraped off
- I had horrible diahrea
- Dry skin
- Jock itch
- Developed tinnitus (Due to sensitivities as it comes and goes)
- Mood swings
- Eyes swollen and bloodshot
- Sleep disorders
- Digestive disorders.
- Prostate pain.

- I scored very high on the Candida questionaire.
- I failed the spit test miserably (not sure if it is really a valuable test but a friend with no yeast passed it)
- Was diagnosed by 2 NDs with Candida

- I tried every known 'cure' for systemic Candida. Almost a year straight on the diet, antifungals, probiotics etc. Had some improvement but issues returned if I veared off the diet even slightly.

So basically. I do believe that my body is fighting Candida overgrowth on a daily basis and leaky gut. I just think Candida is the problem. It is something contributing to the poor digestion that is allowing Candida to grow and subsequently leading to leaky gut. My immune system then fights it off and the cycle starts again....

- Low stomach acid
- Non sufficient enzyme production to digest carbs
- etc

This is why I am trying to inspire others to focus on stomach research, enzyme research. To see if that is the root of the problem here. Something that has physically altered or damaged something in our stomachs that isnt allowing our digestion to function like it once did prior to the Antibiotics .

I dont know what to suggest. I just know that there is a wealth of knowledge on this site and some people who are ambitious and focused on healing themselves. Reading, speaking to doctors/nd's. Strength in numbers.



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