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Re: Question about vitamin/mineral deficiencies
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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: Question about vitamin/mineral deficiencies

OnTheJourney -

Although my "thing" is helping "incompletely healthy" baby boomers re-balance nutritionally (and I have no idea of your age), let me offer a few thoughts.

First: Creaky joints could possibly benefit from omega-3 fatty acids. If you are NOT allergic to shellfish, try some krill oil. This gets into your system MUCH faster than fish oil because it's absorbed through the intestinal wall quickly (This is Step 2 in my health plan for boomers.) Krill oil is GREAT stuff that we all should take (if we can).

Second: Many boomers experience an energy boost with "trace minerals" - if you're LOW in any of the major minerals, I can just about guarantee you're lacking in trace minerals. (Step 5 in my Plan.)

Third: The best place, always, to get vitamins is in your food. But MOST of us, try as we might, just can't get the total nutrition we need from standard foods. So I recommend a "superfood" supplement that also doubles as a vitamin supplement because it has it all, so to speak. (Step 6.)

Fourth: Both Candida AND an underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism) lead to a sluggish metabolism - and therefore feelings of fatigue and no energy. It's nearly impossible, for example, to "lose weight" if you have either ... your metabolism is just too slow to cooperate. You've got to go after BOTH culprits (if they're the problem) to really feel better.

Fifth: Any "detoxing" program makes you feel lousy/tired for a while - especially if the toxins have no clear passage OUT of your body. You've done the liver cleanses, yes? This could account for a large part of feeling dragged right now. Hopefully you did a Colon Cleanse first to clear a path for liver toxins. For my boomer friends, I recommend "rebounding" because it very effectively and efficiently MOVES toxins that gather around all cells into the lymphatic system for disposal. (Step 1.)

And sixth: If you don't already, be SURE to chew your food 30-40 times before you swallow it (and swish around liquids 30-40 times). This GREATLY reduces "sugar spikes" associated with digestion - and constant Sugar spikes have a LOT to do with energy fluctuations you may be feeling.

SharonM (

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