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Re: Organic vs. mainstream fruits & veggies
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Organic vs. mainstream fruits & veggies

Yes my mother is chemically sensitive which might explain why she got sicker. But, someone being sensitive to chemicals is a good thing because it shows your bodys immune system is strong enough to fight off foreign chemicals. Just because you arent sensitive to chemicals doesnt mean that there okay for you. Especially in this day in age when we are living in nothing but toxic houses full of chemicals, we start to lose our strength to fight off these invaders. When you start eating organic foods and your body cleanses out you will instantly be able to tell between conventionally grown or organically grown produce by tasting it. I can hardly stand to walk in regular grocery stores because the stench of plastic, chemicals, and moldy food is far too strong for me. If you continue to eat chemicalized food you will continue to have a chemicalized body thats too weak to tell you what is harmful. I know Im sounding harsh and I dont want to be rude or offend anybody but this is very important. You can clean out your body and get healthy to a certain degree eating conventional foods but again your body's being flooded with chemicals through your food every single day and will never get a chance to cleanse them out while you still eat them. I know a man who works at grocery store and he once told me that one time a while back he saw one of the employees, a young boy, spraying a can of raid over the vegetables. He had no idea that he was doing anything wrong, he thought it was good to kill the bugs. My friend was too afraid to tell any of the managers for fear of what might happen. Now this is a very rare case but it shows that when your buying conventional foods you have no idea what chemicals their puting on them or how their growing them. Genetically modified foods are linked with over a thousand dieases including cancer. It is estimated that over 70% of the food in grocery stores in the U.S. and Canada contain genetically engineered ingredients. The chemicals in conventional foods also are known to istantly kill beneficial bacteria in the gut. When it comes to your health you just CANT compromise on this. I think eating conventional fruits and vegetables raw may not be better because when you cook them it kills a lot of the chemicals but when you leave them raw they stay there. I say try it and see but please try to get organic foods as soon as possible. Also, look to see if there are any farmers markets around your area. I know you have a tight budget but is your precious money worth going to the people who have done nothing but ruined our natural food supply and poisoned the remains of it. I think its really important to support organic growers to help preserve the last remains of decent food we have left and bring them into all of our stores so that they wont be so expensive. If companys see that organic foods are making a lot of money then soon enough they'll start going organic to keep up with the demands. We're the people and we need to fight for our natural food supply not succumb to buying the governments garbage because the real stuff that dedicated individuals have fought to preserve is more expensive. Thank you for listening to me and Im very sorry if I at all sounded offensive. Good luck on your raw journey.


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