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Re: Hello!!

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prettysoulful Views: 1,955
Published: 17 years ago
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Re: Hello!!

I'll answer your last question first. Yes, I do believe I am playing with fire by taking minerals separately. Fortunately, I wear my flame retardant suit, and keep the fire extinguisher handy. Just kidding, but honestly, for me there is little choice. When I started, my nutritional issues were so critical due to damage from celiac, that I needed a lot of nutrition, and I simply couldn't eat enough to make the difference. The medical industry had failed me miserably by not diagnosing me despite all my numerous symptoms. The answer to my health was up to me. Considering the progresses I have made, I have no regrets. While I have had some setbacks, for now all I can do is use caution and logic, and I listen to my body. That is all anyone can do, even in preparing meals. I also take a multi to help prevent a lot of lopsided reactions, and I try to balance the single minerals I take with their companion minerals. My goal is to gradually wean all of my dosages to something that can be handled by my diet and a multi, with a handful of supplements too if necessary. Right now, I'm trying to work on retention of my calcium to help stabilize the whole system. I'll have to see what works.

Now, as to your question of what to start first, I suggest the moly. It sounds like there may be a few toxins to breakdown, and moly is a big part of that. I'd say try it alone for at least 3-4 days, even up to a week. I started with 300micrograms and I will try to remember to attach a link for you to read on it. I actually went up to about 500 ug, but decided that 300 was sufficient. If you develop insomnia, give it a day or two before stopping it, just to see if your body adjusts.

While moly and vanadium are companion minerals, I do not believe that the dosages you will be using will interfere with the your vanadium levels. Also, doesn't mention that these two elements interfere with or use each other for metabolic processes. They seem pretty independent of each other, though side specific.

"To a much lesser extent the above also applies to vanadium -- at least in theory. In practice, vanadium rarely becomes as deficient as molybdenum. In fact, it is very uncommon that vanadium would require supplementation at all (ankylosing spondylitis being a rare exception), because of the chemical inter-actions it is part of, and where molybdenum and chromium levels would both have to be much higher
than vanadium." -

I have completed my candida cleanse with much success. My bloating is gone, my post nasal drip is barely a drip, and my white tongue is fairly pink. I believe when I am finally able to supplement the MSM again, I will finish clearing everything. But, I am still using a probiotic to help with my dysbiosis. I did a para cleanse with a product called Intestinal Support by Eclectic Institute. I added some extra Kroeger Cloves. Then, I used Pau D'arco to specifically target my candida. It works great. The whole thing took a little over a month.

As for the zinc, in my experience, the picolinate was better than all the others. However, each person's metabolism is different. At this point, I need to ask you a question. On the other forum I mentioned PCOS. Have you looked into that? If PCOS is a factor, zinc may not benefit you much as it tends to raise testosterone levels as I mentioned. I was under the impression that you had not had good experiences with zinc in the past. Perhaps while you are using the moly, you can put the zinc on hold to see how your body responds.

Another thought I had about your situation is the possibility of you being low in copper as well. I was very low in copper due to celiac, and broke out quite a bit on the right side. Apparently, the internal mechanisms that balance calcium or fail to balance calcium also seem to have the same effect on copper. If you are stuggling with calcium, your copper may be low, too. I mention this now because soo many people seem to fear copper, and can't believe that a person can actually be low instead of high in it. For me, almost everything was low because of the progression of damage to my small intestine from wheat/gluten. But I would suppose that others can have the same problem even if it has a different cause. Copper is also a right-side mineral, and is very sensitive to all of the minerals you react to, except selenium. Unfortunately, moly is a big chelator of copper, too. Hmmm. A dilemma. This is a scenario that I have experienced often in my personal quest for healing. I wish I could have an acu-cell blood analysis to help answer all these questions!

Well, it looks like you will have to do a bit of research here. Your personal quest for healing. Could you be low in copper?

I still believe that the moly could benefit you, but now I can't help but wonder if you should be focusing on copper. I hope you understand, I do not know all the answers. And I am only sharing ideas of POSSIBLE solutions. If the answer is copper, then moly may worsen it if started before your copper level is raised. But, if the copper is brought up to normal levels, then the moly could help detox. As I said before, the moly was of great benefit to me and I suffer from frequently low copper. But, if your MAIN issue is low copper, then that must be fixed first. Again, I'm not declaring that copper is your main issue, I'm only sharing the thought.

My apologies, I feel as if I am of no help at all. I can say that I use a very simple copper gluconate by Twinlabs. It is pretty cheap stuff, and I used 4mg a day to get my levels up, and now use 2mg every 3-5 days. Some weeks I need more, especially if I increase my citric acid /vitamin C too much.

As for the calcium. You may want to try a calcium carbonate or calcium phosphate form. The carbonate is more alkaline, but considered the worst absorbed, but it helped me thru some very acid crises. I usually take it in late morning, a couple of hours before lunch so my stomach acid would be higher, but not too close to my meals. Citrate can go either way, in my opinion. That is the main form I use now, but now I am much more balanced. Before, it gave me pause, too. Calcium bis-glycinate is pretty good, but it is not as easy to find, and not as cheap.

Well, I hope I have not disappointed you too much. I know you were probably quite excited about the moly. You may still have cause to be, as there is not one magic pill in this process. It really is a balancing of a system. If you can get your hypersensitivities in order, you can explore more food-based approaches, and I do hope this will help you to do that.

Good luck.


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