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Re: Parasites+Candida+Low pH - any suggestions?
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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: Parasites+Candida+Low pH - any suggestions?

I have been battling this candida "thing" for five years now. At one point I could have changed my diet and recovered, but I chose to try antifungal drugs instead, which in the end made things worse. I've been fighting chronic vaginal infections and bladder infections for 20 years. Five years ago my symptoms got much worse and I tried some intestinal cleanses and drugs but ended up worse because I didn't stick to the dietary recommendations. After this we went on a trip to Mexico and I caught every parasite imaginable. I was treated for Brucella, Typhoid, Amoebas, and Giardia. When we came back to the states me and my kids were still sick and we had to be treated for Amoebas again because the first treatment didn't work. Right after this I ended up with a very resistant bladder infection and was on Antibiotics for 21 days straight. Afterwards I still had diarrhea and was again diagnosed with clostridia difficile. C. difficile, as the doctors call it, is actually a bacteria quite common in our environment. It only causes diarrhea in people who have been on multiple courses of Antibiotics . At this point I had gone through 8 courses of drugs in 8 months. I felt like my liver was totally wiped out, and I had brain fog so bad I couldn't get off the couch for weeks. I chose to deal with the C. difficile using natural methods, but never had a full recovery. Several months later I tried another intestinal cleanse, but got severe diarrhea again and decided to be retested. This time the tests came back positive for Blastocystis Hominis. This is an amoeba that is very difficult to kill. It requires a treatment of 3 different drugs at the same time, and so I have been putting off the treatment for a long time. Of course its been 9 months since then, but I decided to try and kill as much of the yeast off as possible before taking the drugs. Keep in mind that through all of this, up until 5 weeks ago I had been "cheating" on my diet quite regularly. I know how hard it is to face the fact that your one of those people who has to stick to a strict dietary regimen for life. (The extra expense, time, and constant deprivation at family get togethers really gets you down.) But eventually you hit rock bottom to the point were you are willing to do anything to get your life back. It has been very difficult to stay on this cleanse because I am not just fighting the candida, but the parasites also. I went on some antiparasitic herbs and they seem to be helping. Currently my daily regimen consists of 3 P&B shakes, 1 quart of Celery juice, 1 pint of carrot juice, 2 T chlorella, concentrace minerals, para 90, probiotics, and lots of raw garlic and ginger. My diet consists of flax seed oil, coconut oil, chicken soup with only vegetables, and 2/3 cup millet a day. I've kept this up for 5 weeks. My pH is still severely low, and I am barely keeping the diarrhea in check. I figure my pH is probably low due to acid producing unfriendly bacteria. I've also had severe die off and "brain fog" the whole time. I am new on this forum, and I can tell you my heart goes out to all of you. I've been there, don't give up. If you are just embarking on your journey to heal yourself of Candida, I would be very leary of using to many drugs. Remember doctors are very good at wiping out your intestinal flora, but they have no idea how to help you get it back once it is gone. Also if you have had problems with candida for years, you should not fool yourself into thinking your going to find the "magic bullet". "I can eat anything I want but as long as I take product xyz, I will remain candida free." From my own experience, and the posts I've read on this forum I know that to treat severe chronic candida will take natural antifungals, colon cleansing, and permanent dietary changes. - Just my 2 cents worth -Any suggestions would be very much appreciated. I would also love to hear from anyone who is dealing with parasites, and candida at the same time.


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