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How I cured my candida
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Published: 17 years ago

How I cured my candida

I suffered from chronic monthly yeast infections for years, caused by overuse of Antibiotics , and I have finally cured them! I have been symptom free for about 4 months now. I had tried everything over the years, special diets, a range of supplements and anti-fungal herbs, but never with much success. I was commited to finding a natural cure and avoided chemical drugs at all costs because of my experience with the Antibiotics . The cure for me was actually quite simple. Every other day I took a garlic and yogurt enema (infuse a couple cloves of garlic in very hot water, and once it's cooled to room temperature strain and stir in 1 heaping teaspoon of plain yogurt). Invariably the day after the enema I would notice this white stringy material come out into the toilet. I am pretty certain this was one of the phases of multi-cellular candida being killed off by the garlic. I would also notice a reduction in my symptoms the following day, but if I let the enemas go for more than 3 days then the symptoms would return. I continued the every other day schedule for about a month and a half.

At this time I was also eating a lot of yogurt, miso, and saurkraut (which I still do by the way). Otherwise my diet was healthy but balanced. I was eating complex carbs and sugars without much remorse. Once I was no longer noticing strings coming out after the enemas, my yeast infections were greatly improved but I was still having some minor symptoms. This is where the cure part comes in. I took a product called Parastroy, which is available at Whole Foods or you can also order it online. It costs about 20 dollars, and it's 2 bottles of pills, one that kills parasites and one that sweeps them from your colon. The program takes about 3 weeks, and after I had finished all the pills.... no more yeast infections! My theory is that the candida was thriving in a toxic environment provided by some kind of parasite, either intestinal or something in my liver. I guess if your body is unbalanced enough to allow candida to grow then it is probably letting in all kinds of other organisms too. Generally people who have parasites don't know it, I certainly didn't.

Even though I finally have my candida under control I am in no way finished healing my body. My next big project is getting my liver in shape, which I believe was damaged by the Antibiotics and is probably the underlying fundamental weakness that allowed all this candida/ parasite stuff to happen. I'm sticking to my simple approach to health and am just taking dandelion tincture 3 times a day (from dandelions I pulled out of the backyard and soaked in vodka). I have been on the tincture a month and I am already noticing a little improvement. My joints don't crack nearly as much as they used to, and the dark circles under my eyes have started to fade. Also my complexion is improving too.

Good luck to everyone on this forum who is suffering from candida. Don't give up, there is a cure out there for everyone!



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