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Re: Why?
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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: Why?

Well, I answered the caffiene question a few pages back for someone else. To be totally hones, I think sometimes stuff doesn't get answered is because it becomes repetitive and peopel just get tired of typing, lol. Here it is cut and pasted.

"As for caffeine, it strongly activates the phase 1 liver detox process. If you do not have liver issues, (and by the way a traditional liver function test will only show liver damage, not how well your liver processes toxins - you need to go alternative to get this test) you are probably fine, and green tea has a lot going for it anyway, and only a partial amount of the caffeine that is in coffee. However, if you find that you have a hampered phase 2 (very common in candida patients) overactivation of phase 1 by caffeine can cause the toxins that are mobilized by the phase 1 process to back up into your system because your phase 2 (which helps to bind and remove the toxins) is not working well enough to get the toxins out. Thus, we get symptoms of toxicity that tend to go on and on, and since candida will thrive in a toxic environment, it hampers candida removal, and many end up going in a constant circle of detoxification and re-toxification. For instance, I have a very weak phase 2, so any caffeine I consume will overactiveta my phase 1, dumping toxins into my system, which my phase 2 can't eliminate, so I end up feeling like crap with all the toxins floating around in there. Chances are, if you are having trouble getting over candida in spite of adherance to diet and antifungals, you may have an overloaded liver, in which case you want to dump the antifungals, add in liver support, and cleanse the colon regularly (to help the toxins to get out after they have been mobilized and bound). Also, probiotics that have the bifidus strain are vital if you are doing colon cleansing, as cleansing will take out both the good and the bad, and you will need to repopulate (learned this the hard way)."

As for cheese - I eat some cheese (not a lot, but some), so I do not follow the no cheese rule. Mushrooms are banned on the basis that it is a fungus, but that may not hold water (after all, candida IS a fungus, doesn't mean they EAT fungus). Try them and see. Personally they kill me (severe allergic reaction). The bottom line is there are no absolutes, except avoid Sugar and refined or processed foods. There are about as many approaches to getting over candida as there patients.

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