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Re: Has anyone ever gotten there medical records? This should be illegal! Long Rant!
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: Has anyone ever gotten there medical records? This should be illegal! Long Rant!

You have to be EXTREMELY careful what you say or reveal to ANY "licensed" practicing professional, particularly MEDICAL DOCTORS in America.

1. They are concerned about CYA (cover your *ss), and LAWSUITS, as well as their *personal* job, or position in the community, professional standing, etc. I personally spent some time with a Hospital Administrator vacationing in New Zealand who was adminstrating at a hospital (one of the top in it's speciality) in England. What he told me, and shared would scare the living h*ll out of you. A surgeon made a huge mistake... on a stomach procedure, slashed open her bladder instead... they sewed her up, botched badly by this "slip" of the hand (more than a slip perhaps), and convinced the lady, who was suffering badly with internal bleeding (botch patch up didn't work) and other "new" complications (like trying to urinate without blood in the urine). It was this administrator who had to do some SERIOUS "diplomacy" and convincing, to put this "fire" out. He described his job as running around all day and putting out a series of "fires"... and one could only hope that some days you have only 3-4 "fires" to put out, while other days it might be 12... and that the best you could do is put out as many as you can (speaking also of LITIGATION, and defending against MISTAKES, and also IRRESPONSIBLE or BAD doctors actions, etc. etc.).

2. They are being propagandized with a slew of new laws, and "reporting" requirements. Welcome to the new mental health paradigm, and terror.

3. HIPPA makes things quite intricate and messy - in the guise of protecting your medical privacy, it's actually given the government a wider scope into YOUR medical records and entry into BIGGER BETTER data banks (computers - ie. government databases across the board - ie. agencie(S)).

4. Most medical doctors (not all) are spoiled, elitist brats, who got in for the "prestige", "good life", and very simply "THE MONEY". They view the commoner, or average person as stupid twits, all while smiling at you, and charging your medical health insurance provider with a handshake ;) You wouldn't believe some of the STUPID things they pass along to their patients (you'd be surprised what you overhear while waiting in the "next" waiting/exam room) - ie. true or not, that DUCK TAPE REMOVES WARTS (?) true or not, that's what I heard :))) and that's just ONE example ;)

5. What they right down, like, if you suspect heavy metals being a part of your health problem or demand to be tested for it, in one case, will get you the RECORD or DOCUMENTED observation as being "paranoid" ;) And so on... Questioning the idea if you have parasites in your brain, for example, might get you a mental health examination, or a note to be aware for "paranoia".

I could share more, but as one who has taken numerous elderly, mentally ill, and mentally retarded patients to various doctors over the years (late 1990's), and with increasingly complex and patient nonfriendly (in truth) legislation and "new" rules,,, going to your medical doctor or professional is quite a SERIOUS risk, if you are "taken wrong" or "misunderstood" or simply DO NOT AGREE with him or her, or have questions, and ideas contrary to their "doctrine". After all, that's what it's about with them - doctorin g. ;)

6. Medical records are like the LAWS OF MOSES or 10 COMMANDMENTS in STONE to the STATE!!!

Stupid, but true. Once they are etched in 'stone' err... paper, ie. "documentation", they are considered, and are "law" or legal testimony. It's a special kind of magic. You observe something, and write it down, and true or not, suddenly, it's considered FACT.

Example. I have a client I've just accepted. He's total apesh*t. He's writing down that he wants to KILL all the local pigs (cops). I have self (administrative assitant), and a staff that 24/7 are watching and "documenting" about this guy (the NEW guy). It get's SO bad, and he get's SO psychotic (verbally, verbal threats), that I have to make an EMERGENCY CALL for his committment (the only way to get him IMMEDIATELY REMOVED from a care facility, without a 30 day notice - has to show immediate harm to self or others). So the D.O.A. is there (investigative and licensing agency, ONE of them) and I am saying "HEY, this guy is a harm to others - he's been saying he wants to kill all cops, etc. etc." - -

They look at me like - did you document this? I am like, look, he just beat the h*ll out of 5-6 cops at the factory he's got a job at... and he's here now.
"Yes, but do you have documentation of this, of what he has done while in the facility?" I scrounge around some files, and have an employee (staff) looking through the documentation, and in a few minutes we FIND IT ;)

"OH, hmmm... I SEE" See, it's THE LAW OF MOSES. It's "WRITTEN DOWN" it's "DOCUMENTED".

I could have, or the employees (staff) could have written that he was seen eating his own vomit, and if it is on that peice of paper - to the Government robotons (90% of the time) it's like ETCHED IN STONE, or the 10 Commandments.

It's a permanent part of your "records" 98% of the time, and yes, most "patients" are not going to ever be wise enough to check those records, and fewer yet bold or brave enough to CHALLENGE them. In most cases, you are dealing with big politics (hospitals, doctors, corporations ie. nursing homes, etc.) and BIG money, and VERY STRONG local GOVERNMENT (ie. THOSE VERY WELL CONNECTED).

After all, who are YOU to argue or disagree with THE DOCTOR? :)

Sad, but true, and something to be aware of. Be careful what you say to your doc... it may and probably WILL become a PERMANENT part of your medical records, and is SUSCEPTIBLE to COURT RECORDS, ie. PROSECUTORS, ANGRY ex SPOUSES, etc. etc. etc. - - - In the guise of HIPPA, there really is no "true" medical privacy, actually, and in truth. It's a real Joke. Computer databases with multiple government agency access is nothing private, and open to any court dispute with any prosecutor who may request it ie. file for it.

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