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My Candida Story...Help needed
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Published: 15 years ago

My Candida Story...Help needed

I had a UTI last year ( early 2005) and was prescribed anti-biotics as a cure. The UTI got cleared up but then I think after that I started having some indigestion problems. I was having some trouble with constipation. Although I was having 1-2 bowel movements everyday, had a feeling of incomplete evacuation. I would get occasional bloating too.

I thought it’s nothing serious and kept trying several home remedies to ease my digestion. Once I was bloated and my husband teased me that I have put on weight. So I started going to gym regularly to get rid of my belly “fat”. I later realized that it is gas from bloating and not “fat”.

In Sept 2005, I mentioned my GP about my tummy troubles (occasional bloating and feeling of constipation). He said it might be IBS and asked me to start taking bran cereal to add more fiber to my diet. The bran cereal only caused more bloating. When I mentioned that to my GP he asked me to discontinue it.

Anyways, the problem continued to aggravate, and I continued to try home remedies. But indigestion, occasional bloating and dull aching pain in lower abdomen continued to disrupt my normal life. I was not bed-ridden, but constant feeling of being sick in abdomen was there.

I was trying to eat a healthy diet, I drink lots of water (4-5 Liters a day), eat lots of fresh fruits for roughage, and I was exercising. (Mostly brisk walk on treadmill and some weight training). I am non-smoker. I do not drink alcohol or caffeine. I very rarely consume carbonated beverages. I have never been fond of sweets (forget about craving sugar, I rather hate it now, considering it’s bad for health). Inspite of all this, the bloating and indigestion continued to trouble me. By Dec 2005 my bloating had become pretty consistent and I had gained weight. Most of my pants had become tight.

After my X-mas vacation, in Jan 2006, I mentioned to my GP that I am not having any relief from my bloating. He ordered an ultra-sound for me. I got the ultra-sound done and it all came out normal. Meanwhile, my GP went on vacation. My health really started to detoriate. I was also getting a bit depressed and desperate now.

I started to do a lot of research on internet, and felt my symptoms look very much like symptoms of Candida overgrowth. Indigestion, bloating, bad breadth, fatigue, depression. My health was occupying my mind and I was not able to concentrate on anything else.

Since my GP was on vacation, I went to an after hours clinic ( Feb 1st 2006). I mentioned all my ailments to the doctor. I also mentioned to the doc could it be a yeast overgrowth in my intestines. The doctor said, it could be yeast and prescribed me Nystatin. He also asked me to take pro-biotics and follow a low carb diet.

I was always skeptical about a low carb diet considering it to be not very healthy. But because my symptoms were not improving, I decided to go on a anti Candida diet + Nystatin + probiotic. After 3 days of being on the diet and taking my drugs, my bloating disappeared. This was around Feb 8th 2006. I was having just one BM a day and was feeling great. I told my husband I never felt so good in a long time.

But then my 2.5 year old had sinusitis. She was sick and coughing. She was prescribed anti-biotics to treat her infection. Her infection cleared, but I got a severe sinusitis. I had a bad head-ache, body-ache, nasal congestion, yellow mucousy discharge from nose and sore throat. I wanted to avoid anti-biotics, but when my symptoms were not improving, I dragged myself to doctor ( Feb 12th 2006) . Then I got more Antibiotic prescription. ( Apo-Azithromycn). It was a 5 day course. After completion of my anti-biotic I got some relief from my sinus congestion. ( But still had a mild head-ache ).

Anyways, my bloating and stomach problems began to come all over again. Inspite of being on a diet + Nystatin + probiotic. I was getting frustrated now. I thought the probiotic may not be of high enough potency. So I got another probiotic from Loblaws called Bio-K Plus. It’s like drinking yogurt ( claims to have 50 billion strains of L. acidophilus + L.casei). But the stomach problem was there to stay.

Meanwhile, just 2 weeks after completing, my dose of anti-biotics, my sinus problems started to come all over again. Sever body ache, head ache, congestion, fatigue. I rushed to the doctor and asked him why my sinus is coming back again. I had read before that recurring sinus can be caused by fungal infections. The GP said that, the anti-biotic which I got last time was not to really treat a sinus infection (was prescribed by another doc when my GP was on vacation). He said, he could prescribe me a stronger anti-biotic. I told him anti-biotics have given me a lot of grief already and I don’t want to take anymore.

I came home, brought some Grapefruit-Seed-Extract and made a nasal spray at home by diluting it with water. I started using this nasal spray 4 times a day and got some sinus relief. Was feeling much better in a day or two. I also apply some coconut oil to sooth and lubricate my nostrils.

I had read some information about the benefits of coconut and it being an anti-fungal. But consuming raw coconut / coconut oil gave me bad cramps, diarrhea, vomiting. I don’t know if it was due to die-off. But I have stopped using coconut in any form right now. I must mention that in the past I have consumed coconut without any diarrhea or cramps.

When I was pregnant, I developed pain in my knee joints. I thought it was due to excessive weight I was carrying. But even now, inspite of losing every single pound, I still get occasional joint pain. Could this be related to yeast overgrowth?

What are digestive enzymes? Do I need to take enzymes?

What is the best probiotic I can take to relieve my symptoms. I have heard of L.reuteri strain, but cant seem to find it in any store.

I have had vaginal yeast infection, just once in my life ( when I was pregnant ). I had never heard of “yeast infections” before that. My GP advised over the counter canestein. I applied that cream and got rid of the itching and burning in 3-4 days. But my daughter was born with thrush ( I have heard that moms who have yeast in their birth canals usually pass it to their babies as thrush). So my daughter had thrush, then she developed severe Eczema. My GP said the Eczema will go away when she turns one. Then he said it will go by the time she turns 2. She will be 3 in couple of months and still battling with severe eczema. She is also allergic to Eggs. I started giving her some pro-biotic powder, but her eczema is showing no signs of improvement. I have been applying cortisone cream to suppress the symptoms, but it is not relieving the root cause of the problem. My daughter also gets occasional cuts on both sides of her lips. Could she also have a yeast overgrowth?

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