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Re: Has anyone ever gotten there medical records? This should be illegal! Long Rant!
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: Has anyone ever gotten there medical records? This should be illegal! Long Rant!

Dear Keltz,

I'm truly sorry if I wounded you. Didn't mean to. I guess I'm (and many others here) have had such bad luck with MDs. I now have a very good one, btw who practices environmental med. :)

It is just that (big sigh) where do I start to explain? Why do I laugh at posts that support the MD position? I'm sure what you say is true, that your father is a very good doctor and listens to his patients. There ARE some like that. I have had 2 in my life so far. I'm 52.

Anyway, should I tell of a couple of my experiences?

After spending more than $5,000 (after insurance) on tests and nothing came up positive and 6 mos. investigation with the help of my internist, I went to a gastroenterologist and told him what I thought might be wrong with me. Turns out my theory, looking back, had nothing to do with candida. But he said no I can't help you. Then he said he must examine me, stuck his finger up my bum (nurse present) and charged me! I think I helped HIM as he surely got my money and my insurance's money. He also covered his own bum for liability, because if it turned out later I had cancer, well, you know the rest. Who got the better deal of that visit? He was one patient richer and I was humiliated.

That dr was exactly the kind of M.D. that should be testing people for candida overgrowth. I know, you will say a dr diagnoses by protocol, dictated by the AMA and can do nothing else.

Do any doctors investigate the claims that are being made about candida and how it affects people if out of control? It is like talking in an empty wind tunnel and you only hear your own voice talking back. There's no one home behind the eyes of 99% of all MDs. Just a blank brick wall. You might just as well told your story to a tree.

So this same internist had come to the limit of her knowledge and one day handed me a business card. She said that was the card of her friend. "I really think she can help you," she said. So when I got home the card said her friend was a psychiatrist. I threw the card away because I did not have a head problem; I had a gut problem, and I had fevers, and was throwing up, and when I went to the bathroom it felt like my guts were coming apart; would I throw up again? Or die? So insulting to have the insinuation made that I was crazy.

This was the final straw. I got rid of her. I didn't know what to do, so I would pray in the morning when I walked.

Through an acupuncurist (who told me to try echinacea for my incessant mucousy cough - it worked) I gleaned my first tidbit of info on candidiasis. He had another patient with it and I asked for her to call me. After I learned I wanted diflucan, she also told me about an M.D. (the only one on Oahu) where he had prescribed it for another patient.

This M.D. was a retired Army doc and was willing to give it a try because he said he'd seen so many weird things out in the field and didn't discount too much in the way of healing. And he had used it on another patient, with success. I was elated! finally! Thus began my road back.

I had seen many MDs in my search. OBGYNs, urologists, more GIs, more internists, ER docs, (at one ER doc's suggestion I did see a psych for panic attacks). This does not include all the docs for image test results - MRI, and upper GI tests, and technicians for many, many blood draws.

None of them ever told me about candida or its possible overgrowth, even the Army doc.

So now you know why I was laughing. It was not AT you. It was at the thought of anyone new here going out to find an M.D. to help them. I can't recommend any procedural search method for finding medical help with this. It was, however, an M.D. who DID inadvertently help me, though!

So, now you know much of my story. No offense meant on my part.


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