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Re: Diet to stop Candida- to remi96
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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: Diet to stop Candida- to remi96

You made a very excellent post and may I congradulate you on it!!!

Now, Candida is a form of Fungi, and so if one wants to get rid of it, then one needs to stop Housing and Feeding it!

On the subject about bananas, you failed to understand my comments about the use or not use of bananas for someone who has great Candida problems.

Now to the subject you seem to want info on , as what one may do to help one overcome this problem.

May I make some simple suggestions for you to try and see if you do not get some good results within 3 days time by doing all of them!

First a person needs something to help cut the body's Excess acids:
For this get some pickling lime( calcium hydroxide) from the grocery store in the canning section, a small bag may last for several years.
Also get one gallon of distilled water. Now to the gallon of distilled water add one tablespoon full of this calcium hydroxide and shake it before each use.

This is then your dilute stock solution of lime water, which is very cheap to make!!

Now any time through out the day that you drink any kind of liquid, you may add one tablespoon full of this dilute stock solution of lime water, and this will help neutralize the excess body Acids and provide your body with the much needed Energy Release from Calcium!!

Now for something to help your liver and kidneys to be able to get rid of your body's excess Toxins, at each meal you may take one small pinch of Epsom Salt.
Regulate the amount of Epsom Salt to just enough that it does not give you the scoots, if you have constipation problems, then increase the amount of Epsom Salt and it shall solve the problem very easily!!

Also you need to get a rebounder to exercise a few minute on each day, start with only a small amount of jumping on it first at a time and work up to several minutes each time. This will help your Lymphatic system to start flushing the Toxins out of your body!!

Now to get Alkaline minerals very easy, at a very low cost:
Use any kind of mix with grass or vegetable greens or green herbs which are safe to eat( if you have yard grass which has not been poisoned, most of it will even work,) and put these into a pot with water and bring to a boil and then turn the heat down immediately and let simmer for several hours, then turn off and let cool.
Now pour the Broth into a jar and keep in the refrigerator to drink as your Alkalizing water!!! For this broth will contain most of the Alkaline minerals and you throw the pulp in the garbage.
If a person is real bad off , then one needs to drink this broth each day to build up the Alkaline Mineral Reserves!!

One may also juice carrots and should add Celery and may use other greens etc, for raw enzymes and minerals etc.

Never eat any protein after 4-6 hours before bedtime!!

Eat your protein in the middle of the day, if you think you have to have some!!
But if you are having a bad problem, then you would be best to avoid all meats and proteins(nuts and nut butters) until your system is healed!!

For an evening meal eat a lite salad or soup: Some of these Ingredients: Cabbage, Broccoli, Brussel sprouts, Carrots, celery, onions, green beans, beets, rutabagas, parsnips,any of the cole crop family, maybe a sweetpotatoe, but no white potatoe unless it is with it's skin kept on it and diced up and lite browned in olive oil in a pan and then add plenty of onions to it and brown them!!

Also for any kind of infection, you may want to use fresh Garlic, as it is one of the best infection fighters known to mankind!! Dice it up and take with some kind of complexed carbohydrate to help buffer the taste.

For extra seasonings you may freely use Cinnamon powder, ginger, nutmeg, clove, to your taste.
Also pure Vanilla is very good. So your diet may taste good also!!

Do not drink any soft drinks, drink water instead!!

If one is sick in any way one needs to take an enema every day you are having real digestive problems!! The mix I like which works is to add about one forth to one half of a cup of pure apple cider vinegar to the warm water you fill the enema bag with and use this to clean the colon out!!

Each morning drink an 8oz glass of water to flush the excess Acids out of the digestive system, then take some good Probiotics (acidophilus & bifidus of high Billion count) with an 8oz glass of "ONLY" skim milk!!

If you are having bad digestive problems, you may take another glass of skim milk and the probiotics before each meal the rest of the day also!!

If milk used to cause you any problems, doing it this way should eleminate any problems you may have had in the past!!

Now you may want some kind of a drink for when you feel Depressed or out of energy during the day: For this you need to get some fresh Lemons, and take one half of a fresh Lemon and juice it into an 8oz glass of water and to this add one tablespoon full of pure blackstrap molasses and mix it together and you may add ice if you want it cold.
This drink you may drink any time of the day you feel depressed or when you need extra Energy!!

This is a good start for you to get back to Health again if you so choose to try it.
If you have any special problems , I would be happy to comment on them for you and try to supply the reason for them and the solution also!!

As an update to this, as last nite I missed some important points in the above post.

#1 Brussel sprouts is the #1 vegetable needed on a daily basis!!!!

#2 Sea Kelp which does not have any filler added to it, and it must have very high Iodine content in it, this will provide excellent results , if taken daily in a pure form(powdered or raw, if you have access).

I will make a separate post about why most carbohydrates and sugars are causing problems!!!

Smile Tis your choice.


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