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Published: 17 years ago the A.O. and have more info. you should know about.

Ok so I got the drops today and started with 12 in an 8 oz. glass of water. Whoaaaaaaaaa Nelly! Within 10 minutes I felt looped! Instant die-off. I felt like I had too much to drink, a bit jittery, stuffy nose and sort of like an "out of control" feeling and I was sweating like a pig, like I felt really warm. I called the company and asked them if I drink it down to fast. They gave me a number to a guy named Randy who was such a huge help. First off, he said that this stuff is deadly to Candida and any kind of anaerobic (sp.) bacteria. He said that the clients of theirs who have really bad systemic candida, usually had to start out at 5 or 8 drops, because like me, they had such a fast reaction. He said also you should sip it throughout the day, not down it like I did. I did mine in water, not in the aloe juice. He said also, which I thought you should know, that candida users should work up to 100-120 drops a day, to be sure to eradicate the candida. I'm going to lower my dose to 8 I think and go from there. Now for someone like me who drinks a lot of water, he said to determine how many drops you're going to have through the day (let's say 24 for me to start) and then divide that evenly into the water. So I drink about 4 liters (those Arrowhead bottles that hold two cups each) of water a day. I'll do the math later, but that's what he suggested and drink it spread throughout the day. I just have a really good feeling about this. He said also the reason I had such a strong reaction at first is because I am getting pure oxygen into the body quickly, something I know I have not had in a long time and the body is like, "hey wait a minute, what is that good stuff?" and I'm sure the Candida is starting to have a temper tantrum. He said that initial woozy feeling should subside a bit and it already has. Ok, I think that is about it for now. This first weekend should be interesting and I'll keep you posted as to the results. Here's crossing our fingsrs, for you too! Let me know if you plan on upping your dose too!


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