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I did it, my 1st cleanse
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Published: 21 years ago
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I did it, my 1st cleanse

This is what you can expect. All this information on the internet had me frighten of nasuea, neded a doctor's aproval, etc. I say Bull, it was a piece of cake.
Saturday morning, I had a bowel movement, and emptied my stomach. I am a vegetarian and nothing stays in me over a day. I had orange jucie, 2 cups of coffee, and nothing after 10:00 a.m. I had about ten glasses of water all day and nothing else at all. At 6:00 I mixed 4 tablespoons of Epson Salts with three squezed pink grapefruits and drank it all. It was not unpleasant at all. It really was not bad tasting. At 8, I went to the toilet and passed alot of water, nothing solid at all. At 9, I did the same thing, all water, nothing solid. At 9:30 same thing, only passing water. The salts were wroking like a laxative, but I had nothing solid in me to pass. I squeezed one remaining grapefruit and one lemon (strained) and mixed it in a quart jar with 3/4 cups of olive oil, and shook it. ( I weigh 210 lbs and wanted to make sure I got it done right the first time)
I went to the bed, drank it down, and laid on my right side, laying my leg across the body pillow, I went to sleep within ten minutes, my stomach rumbling but not cramping or hurting. IT DID NOT TASTE ALL THAT BAD, KIND OF LIKE BAD SALAD DRESSING THAT NEEDED SOME SPICES ! I burped twice, and felt no nasuea or uncomfort. I had some wierd dreams, very wierd dreams. I woke up several times during the night, but felt nothing, at 3, and at 5 I was so disappointed, nothing was happening. At 5:45, I got up and passed water only.
At 6:45, I got up, felt the urge, and I was amazed. I passed stones only, in some water. It did not hurt, I did not cramp bad, it was not bad at all. I tried to count them, there were 40 stones, all floating on top of the water,nothing sank to the bottom, no fecal matter, just round stones, some marble size, some green pea size, some bb or pellet size. All floating, an assortment of colors, two black ones,(the largest) some golden green, some brown, a few redish ones. I got the 6 biggest ones out of the water, they were hard at first, but got mushy, I dried them and cut them open, 3 had white looking like lard or crisco shortening in them, and one was solid thru, and two had green and white crystals in it. There was also crystal like sand floating on top of the water, like green diamonds. I was absolutely amazed.
If you have any questions, email and ask me. I feel like an expert now.
Peace !

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