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Re: Questions about diet
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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: Questions about diet

hi Rae

i diagnosed myself with candidiasis, since i had all the preconditions which lead to the infection as well as most of the symptoms, which improved dramatically on anti candida diet, although this my doctor would still like to assume all my symptoms were caused by anemia or a food allergy . so i diagnosed myself, got information myself from the web and started treating myself and its been a wonderful learning experience, trial and error. no two people are the same some can eat dairy and potatoes and others can't. if you keep and food planner and diary, noting what you eat when and how you reacted this would be good to start.

don't rely on your doctor to tell u everything u need to know, i think those suffering the symptoms are more capable of doing what is right for their own health if they make a determined intentin to get better.

a few pointers i have found are:

eat raw veg and juice, give ur digetion a break, fast.

eat foods that are alkaline not acidic, yeast prefer acidic enviroments.

learn how to breath deep and meditate, as healthy bacteria works better in an oxygenated enviroment.

take daily a superfood like spirnlea.

get the best probiotic, reading this forum apparently its fafir grains.

research nutritional deficienties which lead to candidiasis, see if you have deficiency symptoms and address them.

dont let urself be constipated htis may increase it growth and absorption of toxins

if u have mercury filling get them removed.

take an immune enhancer, i take black seed oil. from Islamic tradition, its also anti imflamatory, good for allergies, as well as very nutritional. our Prophet (pbuh) said "take black seed oil as it as a cure for every illness"

exercise daily, when ur ready, to stimulate ur lympth and remove them toxins. use a sauna.

hopefully if u dont already know all this it will have given you somewhere to start your research.

be happy cos if you stick to the diet ect u will eventually be healthier than most people you know and u may have even cured youself from the bondage to food most of us have and gained self control.

i think my yeast infection is not that bad compared to most so the above info is sufficient for me, but am sure there are many on this site who can help u with all ur issues.

i have just done some bowle cleanses and juice fasts and think up to now this is the most effective action i've took. i am also interested in the kidney and liver flushes, i'm 3 months pregnant though, so i don't know if it is a good idea. what do you think?
also i would like to take kafir grains but i am worried about the varying alcohol content as i could not ingest this even in the smallest amount, does anyone know of a way to rid it of its alcohol content?

peace joe


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