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Re: Johnny

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Johnny Vegas Views: 3,109
Published: 17 years ago
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Re: Johnny

> I followed the DAN protocol of DMSA in which the dosage was calculated according to body weight. I started out with 500mg/3xa day times 3 days then off for 11 days.

Mage, this is a crazy, crazy protocol!! Firstly 500mg is *way* too much DMSA (20 times too much!!!). People talk about 25mg, or even less as a starting dose. Secondly (and this is the most important thing) DMSA must be taken regularly every 3-4 hours - certainly no longer than 4 hours appart. This includes night time too where you must wake up. If you don't do this the blood level of DMSA will fluctuate *wildly*. As a result it will pick up mercury, drop it, pick it up, drop it ... all causing untold pain and misery on your part ... this is exactly what Cutler predicts, and exactly what you experienced.

> In bewteen the first and second round I did another provoc. urine test which shower the merc. level to be < 1.5. Good news I thought right? Low level! Boy was I mistaken. The mercury was lifted alright, but not eliminated. It was redistruted because of poor liver funtion.

I would say redistributed because of poor protocol. Not just poor but outright dangerous.

> I figured that the high level initially found (28) was due to the fact that I still had my Amalgams at the time of the test

Yes! Challenge tests/chelation should never be done with Amalgams still in place. Actually challenge tests aren't all that useful anyway (according to Cutler) as they don't tell you if mercury is causing you a problem. Hair test is much more useful in that regard.

> I've determined from my experience that chemical chelation is not for me due to the fact that I was and still am so ill. My organs were shot (I was really uneducated about this at the time) and because of the harshness of the chemical compound they are worse now. Redistribution of toxins is no picnic in the park. I didn't and still don't withstand chemically composed medicines at all,as alot of us with CMT don't. I do think that DMSA does what it's designed to in some cases, but the adreanls, liver and kidney's have to be in decent working order prior to administration so that they can withstand and process the elimination of toxins effectivly and without further damage.

Don't blame DMSA - at least not until you have tried it using a correct protocol. What you did before was a crazy, crazy protocol which was guaranteed to screw you up. It wasn't the DMSA which did all that damage - it was all the mercury that you were redistributing using that bad protocol. The DMSA was just doing its job.

What matters with a chelator is not so much whether it is "chemical" or "natural", but whether you use it correctly. In other words you have to take a low dose at frequent intervals. The half life of DMSA is such that it needs to be taken every 3-4 hours (including at night). You do this for 3 days or so.

The DAN protocol is designed by a bunch of idiots. It is outright dangerous. Cutler talks about how the DAN protocol was designed, and if I remember correctly it is designed like that because getting up at night was deemed "inconvenient". But apparently redistributing mercury and causing untold suffering and damage is not "inconvenient".

The only chelator which can be used on an 8 hour schedule is DMPS because it has a longer half life in the body.

> I've finally found a doc who "get's it" and we're at the beginning....trying to salvage the adreanals and simutaniously using a plant based compound to help remove the mercury beginning at the cellular level

OK the adrenal support is good. What "plant based compound" are you using? I'm worried that you might be going from one bad protocol to another.

My advice is to get hold of Cutler's book and follow his protocol (perhaps under the advice of your doc). One thing you can certainly do with your doc is to get a hair test from DDI (doctors data inc). This will tell you how badly your minerals are messed up (which is one of the key effects of mercury), and which ones in particular are messed up.

How does that sound?


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