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Re: Hello and general update
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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: Hello and general update

Lol - i never thought i'd end up an official lyme correspondent - but there ya go. job accepted.

i hope i'm doing good here. you don't want to dilute a forum too much from its stated purpose - and you don't want to confuse people who may be able to get better with some antifungals and diet changes (although those people are few and far between imho).

also, i really do believe that a lot of people can beat this thing with Liver Flushes and Colon Cleanses etc. people have reported a lot of success that way - but when you have persistant, chronic and unyielding candida even after flushes and cleanses, its time to start looking at serious underlying conditions like merc/lyme.

heavy metals are a toughie - always hard to disentangle cause and effect.

I laughed sooo hard when i read your definition of "Cutleresque" - am still giggling about it. right on the money. i so don't look forward to my chelation attempts (which I will do, if the lyme treatments don't bring lasting relief).

no, the Salt/C protocol is like the anti-Cutler. its dead easy. you simply start by taking 1 gram each of NaCl tablets (NOT table salt ) together with a gram of Vitamin C, any kind really. you always keep the gram amounts of salt and vit C equal. you start slow, with 1-2 grams/day of each and ramp up to about 12 grams/day split over 3 or 4 daily doses. always take the salt with the C. that's it. and drink alot. if you have lyme, you will have horrible, mad, awful herxes, and then allegedly you will get better. more info can be found on the lymestrategies yahoo group.

it sounds simple, but the theory behind it is rather complex. lyme is caused by a cell wall deficient (CWD) bacteria (spirochete really). some people think many Th2 dominant diseases like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, sarcodoisis, lupus, etc. probably have a CWD bacteria behind them.

these bacteria hide inside your white blood cells by triggering an inflammatory response. they sort of hide behind the inflammation. it seems that the salt/C combo is a powerful anti-inflammatory and sort of 'reveals' the bacteria to your immune system, stimulating a powerful Th1 response.

also, because the bacteria have no cell wall, they're very susceptible to osmotic shock. that is, the increased salt literally goes into these bacterial cells and bursts them open - hence the nasty herxes.

i am reallllly looking forward to this one, let me tell you.

the salt also seems to turn on a protein pathway that marks invaders for an immune response - so it has many mechanisms of action. its a fascinating idea - but we have yet to see if it works in many/most cases of lyme.

so that's the info. i took a dose today and feel weird - but that means nothing. i'll report back to the news desk on any candida related effects with this : ).

i couldn't help but overread (?) that you were gonna chelate again - don't want to overstep or anything - but i would wait for about three weeks before starting again... i think that's what people do, about one/month until they really get into it... ? you would probably know more by now though - i don't have the Cutler Bible!

is the candida calming down from the ALA yet?

hope all (else) is well.


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