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You're ALL AWESOME! = )
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Published: 16 years ago
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You're ALL AWESOME! = )

Can you imagine being ashamed for so many years and then finding out it's normal? Wow! I wish I had someone to tell me this when I was a kid. This should be something they tell girls in sex-ed classes. I'd like to address some of the things you've all said:

Christi: You mentioned getting your libido back. Did you have the discharge when you lost sexual interest? I am curious because even after my health got really bad and my genetalia became "numb" to the touch, the discharge still continued as usual. Before my health got really bad, I had a libido that wouldn't take a rest. I could have 50+ orgasms easily within 3 hours and my "hunger" for more was never satisified. After my health got bad, I was lucky if I could have one at all, or even care to. Then after doing 10 liver flushes, some of it has returned, but it's still not that great. I usually get very sexually aroused for no reason a day or two after my liver flushes. = )

35014: After what I've just heard, I'm not sure I have intestinal candida. I kept thinking I didn't whenever I read something about it, but the discharge kept convincing me I did. Some of you mentioned that you don't have a yeast infection now...Can you have intestinal candida and not have a vaginal yeast infection? I thought the intestines would just re-infect you since you pee out fluids that have gone through your candida infected intestines? That's my ignorant logic. My face turns red if I eat too much fruit/dairy. It's only happened with fruit after I cut out fruit for a year and a half. I got desperate to add more foods to my diet and tried eating them again. My mother tells me that happened because my body is not used to getting all those sweets at once after being deprived for so long. I have also experienced bad "shakes" after eating fruit. Could that be candida related? It feels like the same kind of shakes I used to get when I drank too much coffee(when I was healthy enough to still drink coffee). I have ordered a colloidal siver maker and if I do have it, I hope to rid myself of it.

I don't have this discharge as a lone symptom. I had the discharge for 18 years and 8 years ago I started getting canker sores and terrible itching beneath my skin. Within two more years I became gluten intollerant, then memory loss, bad breath and the list goes on....I assumed my vaginal discharge kick-started all of this, but now I am not so sure.

Korerose & Alien:

The discharge is thin and watery right after my menstral cycle. I usually continue to wear a tampon for a couple days after my period because I get so much discharge that I can fill them up as if I were still bleeding. I have to be careful not to leave them in too long because tampons are toxic and for some reason, they put me in a considerable amount of pain if I'm not on my cycle any longer. After a few days it dies down and becomes thicker(just like KY-Jelly), but never goes away completely. Then, depending on what I eat, it can get heavy or light again. Maybe dairy does cause some kind of chemical or hormonal reaction in my body to antagonize it.

Thanks ladies for your responses, I appreciate it a lot.


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