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Re: Post for JF RE: Yoga/Accupuncture/Reiki
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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: Post for JF RE: Yoga/Accupuncture/Reiki

Yugo, I started accupuncture at the same time I began the diet/supplements for Candida. Accupuncture is good for getting any stagnant energy in your body to once again flow evenly through it, thus helping your organs to function without interruption. For example, after my first treatment I had a strong burning feeling across my abdomen just below my ribs. Turns out I had a lot of toxins stored up there in my stomach and liver. The treatment helped get the energy flowing again enough to begin to release it, thus the burning. The doc is focusing on all my major organs, stimulating them and getting them moving. It must be having some effect, because between that, the diet, and the probiotics, my liver is flushing daily, I am very regular in my bowel movements, my allergies and rashes are weakening and I'm slowly but surely feeling stronger each day. He checked my tongue again, today, and the sides are no longer red (liver issues), and the tongue itself is less flat, though my pulse is still weak. He is focusing right now on my spleen, which is performing poorly, and according to Chinese medicine, affects our absorption of nutrients. Other opinions may vary or differ, but it helps me to have those pins put in. He also noted that while I'm improving, my pulse remains weak compared to others. Doesn't surprise me. I've been going downhill for quite sometime, and went off a slippery slope a few months back with misdiagnosis, heavy duty Antibiotics by a regular doctor, then over 100 allergy test and vaccine shots (for allergies which are now disappearing through alternative means) which sent my body straight to Hades. I was THISCLOSE to hospitalization just over a month ago. Now I stay awake and active between 8:30am and midnight without incident. I'm still very thin and have to make a point to eat 4 times a day with some snacking in between. But, I feel stronger, so I know in time I will start to look it. I went into accupuncture with no previous research or expectations, so I would say it has been helpful. The doc, a homeopath, also had me tested for adrenal fatigue. Got the results back and I'm not as bad as he thought I'd be. It isn't in the "adrenal failure" zone, but in the less difficult "malfunctioning" zone. Although I am sensing improvement since the testing was done a couple of weeks ago, he still has taking something for that to help it back to normal. And, I'm taking a tincture that helps with allergies as well as my tendency toward high anxiety/worry. It works slowly and gently, and I notice after a month on it a definite shift in my perspective, with no negative side effects. It's easier for me to pause and think before I get upset over things. It's quite nice to have that extra second to allow my voice of reason to chime in and balance the situation out. And, some things I used to unnecessarily obsess over I no longer give a "rat's rump" about.

Reiki I am using once per month to map my progress with the other treatments. Reiki focuses more on intensifying your chakra energies....well, that's the only way I know to describe it. But, I think I read that you had it done as well awhile back, no? The lady who does it can sense weak spots in people, but in my case and to my surprise she said, "Whatever you are doing is working. You have inspired me to change my diet!" She found a strong white aura coming from me, so that was good news. And, I had this amazing head rush after the treatment that lasted for about half an hour. I could really feel the energy flowing! Good times. Good times.

Yoga I've dabbled in for a few years now, and I make a point to do only gentle yoga stretches. Nothing that requires too much energy. I'm saving that for my weight room which I'd like to get back into. Just mild resistance training. But, I've lost so much muscle in the past few months, that I feel like jelly and bones under my skin. LOL And, resistance training has always been such a good stamina booster in the past. I feel confident that with my previous familiarity with both yoga and weights that I can properly guage how much my body can take. That said, I need to go find a piece of wood to knock on before lightning strikes me dead. LOL

Hey, yugo? Would you mind if I asked you a question via email? Not to shun anyone here, but it's with regard to a post you've made in the past, and a bit of a sensitive issue. If that's not against board policy, and assuming you are not opposed to it. If that bothers you, I'll understand. :o) I've linked my email with this message if you are okay with it.

Hope this answers your questions! Let me know if you have any more. As I progress, I'll be sure to let you know. :o)


Oh, on another note: I've noticed since I began treatment that I have no cravings for sugars/bread/candida feeders. I have even lost my taste for red meat. I'm still on a rotating diet to make sure I don't become allergic to anything else via the rhyzome highways likely set up in my gut, but feel that I'm nearing a place where I can have repeats in some foods every two days rather than every four days.

Also, a month ago I could not go into a clothing store without having my throat/nose/glands swell up from the formaldehyde, but the other night I went wandering through three stores with a girlfriend for a couple of hours with no incident. In fact it was she who recoiled at a nearby fellow shopper who was wearing too much perfume, and I hadn't even noticed it. A good gauge to me that my liver has been aided enough by what I'm doing that it's not too overloaded to process all that stuff. Yippee! And, I don't make the mistaken assumption that the probiotics alone could have done that. I think everything combined is what is doing it.

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