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To Johnny (question answered) and anyone else interested in my curing protocol
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Published: 17 years ago

To Johnny (question answered) and anyone else interested in my curing protocol


I took Lactobacillus Sporogenes and Bacillus Subtilis. I researched streptococcus faecalis and came to the conclusion it was a bad bacteria so decided not to get threelac but rather just take those two probiotics which were in my multi probiotic amongst other ones.

My protocol to cure candida was to finally do it properly after years of half heartedly trying to kill it. I guess I was cured after 3 months but kept doing it longer just to make sure. I continued for 6 months. I still eat fairly well now but I dont take any supplements except the occaisonal probiotic, a multivitamin and omega. I still Liver Flush in fact am planning one this weekend.

I always had candida as I bloated massively when eating bread, milk products, Sugar and others and had rashes and many other symptoms. I didnt realise until I was about 23 when a friend was diagnosed with it. I went to the nutritional doctor and was also diagnosed with it. I also had some food allergies . At the time I did the diet for a while and decided it was too much for me - I was a party girl and liked to drink and run a muck and have lots of icecream. Years later I put on a lot of weight and got upset one day because someone mentioned it (at 23 I was 45kg and at 26 65kg). I was very very bloated, had lots of fluid retention and decided it was time to take health into my own hands. I found curezone at a similar time - I was looking to help a friend with cancer and found a lot of information for myself. I started the Atkins programme which is fairly candida friendly apart from cheese and a few others. I lost the weight and felt so much better - I sort of on off did the candida protocol then one day decided to go the whole hog for 6 months. In this time I did the following:-
Eating - lemon juice, apple (when I started tolerating fruit again) or vege juice, musley or protein shake with oats milk, macadamias or low carb fruit such as strawberries as snack, yeast free bread with meat and salad and steak or other meat and veges for dinner.
My killing regime was similar to:-
P&B&C (capryl) shake to start then two of the following three times daily. I would rotate them. I killed for a few months then went onto maintenance.
1. Nystatin
2. GSE
3. Olive leaf extract
4. Garlic
5. Caprylic acid
6. Yeast stat

I also did a few Liver Flushes and had lots of rest and occaisonal few day juice fasts.

I never think I have had leaky gut. I took a probiotic specifically for intestinal problems Lacbac I think it was marketed as. I dont know if that helped or not. I also took high dose capryl (like it had 12g of caprylic acid in it) so any burning I would have felt would have been that lol. When I didnt take the capryl I didnt notice anything weird.

I found out I didnt have candida this year when a naturopath did a blood test with me called candia 5. It is marketed for thrush testing but tests quite a few candida strains in your blood stream so if you have candida it would come up. The site for these tests is I paid $35 for this test and it was the best thing I ever did as now I dont have to spend a fortune on antifungals and have the relief knowing I am cured. I only get symptoms now if I eat an allergy in excess. Some allergies seem to be cured, some partially and my favourite drink bourbon I react to so much that I prolly will never be able to have it again (boo hoo).

I made a proper book out of my plan with daily eating and supplement charts that I filled in to motivate me. The text from the first three pages is below (the goal part).

Hope this helps.

Good Luck with everything




July to December 2003

1. Get rid of candiasis and allergies to yeast, wine, bourbon, coconut, mold
2. Look after liver
3. Tone up and improve fitness (flexibility, aerobic and muscles)
4. Be 20% bodyfat (weigh 47 to 50kg)

Eating only what is grown on this land (no processed foods)
No alcohol at all except gin and diet soft drink occasionally
Taking vitamin supplements, probiotics and intestinals
Taking antifungals in one week rotations
Doing a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise every day
Minimising diet coke, coffee, tea and soft drink amap


I only have one body and I better treat it right.

Eating only unprocessed foods and staying away from anything I am allergic too:- wine, yeast, bourbon, mold, coconut
Limiting alcohol to very special occasions and not going to pubs anymore.

Toning up body and getting to 20% body fat levels.
Eating unprocessed foods and limiting carbs to 20-50g per day. Limit alcohol
Exercising for at least 30 minutes every day and do weight training at least once per week. Incorporate flexibility exercises as much as possible. Exercises include: swimming, walking, gym, classes, cycling, calanetics, floor work and ice skating.

Taking vitamin supplements:-
Evening primrose
Intestinal cleaner

Get rid of Candida and allergies
Following candida diet for at least 6 months. Do not eat anything that I am allergic to (yeast, wine, bourbon, coconut, vegemite, mold, sugar).
Antifungals (always 2 at once in rotation):-
1. Nystatin
2. GSE
3. Olive leaf extract
4. Garlic
5. Caprylic acid
6. Yeast stat

Ensuring PH level is adequate and taking digestive tablet


Lemon juice on awaking
Vege and fruit juice
Eggs and mayo
Omlette with ham and tomato
Protein shake
Low carb cereal
Bacon and Eggs

Sandwich - Yeast free bread with ham/chicken, cheese, tomato, avocado, asparagus
Corn thins with tuna tomato and cheese
Cooked corn thins with ham cheese tomato
Stir fry from last night

Corn thins with tuna tomato and cheese
Steak and veges
Spag bog low carb and small amount of pasta
Stir fry
Chicken and veges
Fish and salad
Tuna salad
Protein Shake
Eggs and mayo

Linseed mix
Macadamia nuts
Carrott sticks with avocado dip
Fresh juice


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