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Re: Is anybody making progress?
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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: Is anybody making progress?

Umm, I have made a fairly significant "jump" since finding curezone and after that jump there's been some slow progress... yes, I would say I'm getting better. For me, that means that even when I'm not doing anything (ie not drinking the water, not actively doing a Bowel Cleanse etc.) I still feel a lot better than I did a few months ago (no more vaguely suicidal thougts!!! yay!) But I'm still really confused about what to do next and I'm certainly not "there" yet.

What I think made a big difference (for me, anyway), in order of importance was:

1. Water Cure (drinking that much water really helps my mood and cognition, and I do feel it moves bad stuff out),

2. enema and colon hydrotherapy - I've been doing a series of colonics at a clinic but I think what is even more helpful than those are the ACV enemas I give myself. I make sure I "go" regularly as much as possible. This was a big breakthrough for me. I used to go once a week, and before finding curezone I never connected my constipation to my fatigue, depression, lethargy, and yeast problems! My colon was really dysbiotic and messed up. (And I fancied myself well-educated in alternative medicine, too! yeesh!)

3. diet (really strict, no wheat, no sugar, no dairy, no no no etc., although I don't worry too much about mushrooms etc.) I do some raw foods here and there.

4. Also, drinking some straight ACV gave me the biggest die-off I've ever experienced. As soon as I took a hit from the bottle I got a massive sinus draingage, a fever, and a really relaxed feeling in all my muscles. It was wild. I keep drinking ACV regularly.

I haven't done any antifungals this time around, because every time I did them in the past they would work for a week or two and then stop working. I've tried some random stuff like taking a bunch of probiotics - but I don't do that regularly as its expensive. I've noticed that drinking Penta water, (a brand of water they sell in health-food stores that has oxygen dissolved in it), seems to help keep my bowels regular and really helps my mood/energy. I've done two Liver Flushes so far, and I find them sort of intriguing, so I'm gonna keep doing them but I don't know yet if they're the answer.

uhhh, that's it. sorry to be so long but i feel its important to share info on what works etc. umm, I feel kinda stuck now. I'm better but not "all better." If anyone wants to give their two cents on what I should do next... maybe some more serious antifungals? maybe some threelac? (never tried it). am open to suggestions.

thanks for starting a good thread. hope everyone who's having success chimes in.

oh, and it is important to read through the ancient archives to see what those people who were cured and no longer hang around did. a poster named mslarsen had some amazing success with a pH supplement from Dr. O. Young (I think). ok, that's really it. Sorry sorry sorry for the length.



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