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Re: Cayenne?
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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: Cayenne?

The formulas can be refrigerated or even froze, it can not hurt them, they are DEAD, all your getting is plant based minerals/chemicals that all have no life. They do vibrate but cold does not bother this, all things vibrate live or dead.


Forbidden by the fasting experts, same with vinegar. These 2 things were loved by the late Dr. Christopher.

Those that have read the Spice Formula History know this is not a CURE, this is a formula to increase circulation and that it does, you may even sweat a little, etc. t does use a good portion of red peppers aka cayenne family. This does cause the stomach to produce digestive juices.

The ideal of not using cayenne? NOT TO have the stomach create digestive juices...

The orange juice fasting done correctly allows the stomach to heal/rest and then once again become an organ that filters the blood stream.

I am against cayenne powder taken by its self, I also reduced the cayenne by 1/2 in the Christopher LBB formula.

Cayenne in tincture or liquid does not have the horrible effects that large dose powder has, the granuals of cayenne taken by the teaspoon or tablespoon as Dr. Christopher and Shulze bragged about being "REAL MEN" will cause your gut to boil and intestines hurt so bad you wil pray that you can get to a toilet fast enough.

WHY is cayenne bad and how can it be GOOD as well???????????????????????

Cayenne is not hot, habeneros have zero heat, yet a small tiny piece of habanero could send you to the hospital if you swallowed it, BUT to others they can eat the raw orange Habanero like I can eat a peach and have zero hot reaction.

I have seen people eat my own raised habanero peppers and have zero reaction, while if I so much as lick the habanero my tongue would be on fire.... The same with pure oregano, it has zero heat, yet will burn your something terrible if you don't respect it.

Yet with pure oregano, a person that complains it burns their teeth so bad to brush with it, will tell me 3 years later that they are using 3 drops on their tooth brush will no burning.

So I have concluded based on the experience of the Amish Healer and what I have seen with Brother Jimmy that cayenne is what Dr. Christopher's old cayenne book says it is (out of print book)a GREAT HERB when properly used over a lifetime. The book had many facts about cayenne but often refered to after 1 year's use. An example: after 1 year of taking cayenne, the human body will stop making "bad" fat, in that cayenne has cured the problem that leads to fat storage.

The orange juice fasting experts condemded spices because of the short term effects, they were healing in 14 days via alkalinity. Cayenne in short term causes the body to EXPELL it's acids which lowers the pH testing and thus gave the cayenne a bad rap with the fasting experts.

Today I know that the acid NEVER CAME from the cayenne, it came as a result of the cayenne enableing the body. I learned allot of this at the Master Herbalist 6 day exam where many speakers are invited in to explain things, even then I did not believe it, but now after 1 year with the Spice 4 Life formula, I am now a believer that cayenne is good in LIQUID FORM taken long term. In short term the body will react to it with acids which we call "HOT" taste.

It took me some years to understand cayenne because there are conflicting authors and once again, I have came full circle to Dr. John R. Christopher, but I strongly suggest liquid cayenne over his being a "MAN" by taking the powdered cayenne.

THIS IS WHY my herbal formulas are in constant change, I will modify yearly based on what I become a believer in. I believe in what I see and what people report back to me, so this is why I stay with this forum, this is education to me, your feed back is always important to me, I make changes based on what I hear.

I REMEMBER what I write, thats why I never reread what I wrote and I was waiting for people like your self to connect the dots and ask about why I now like a formula that has cayenne!!!! Your a GREAT student of self-education.


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