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Published: 14 years ago



\Ab`i*o*gen"e*sis\, n. [Gr. 'a priv. + ? life + ?, origin, birth.] (Biol.) The supposed origination of living organisms from lifeless matter; such genesis as does not involve the action of living parents; spontaneous generation; -- called also abiogeny, and opposed to biogenesis.

I shall call the . . . doctrine that living matter may be produced by not living matter, the hypothesis of abiogenesis. --Huxley, 1870.


Wow, this whole forum without one Karlin post!!

until now.

Abiogenisis is the heart of the alternative theory to creationism.

Is there really any separation between living and non-living? A consciousness of whats going on around you, awareness of environment, is generally what we assume to be the difference.

But all matter is interacting with the world around it. There may be less separation than we thought!!
people talk to rocks, listen to crystals, and hug a tree.Only one is considered to have life, the tree.

Food is life, and food utilises nutrients directly to feed us. We do not get the nutrients unless it is from the food.

The web is abiogenisis in action.

creationism is much more far-fetched an idea that the idea of humans arising from an amoeba.



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