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My allegorical monologue about shopping mall
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Published: 16 years ago

My allegorical monologue about shopping mall

I don't like shopping. Especially going to malls. And always make some sort of compromise with my wife (usually I end up spending time at borders). Also I am not to excited shopping at local big chain grocery stores. for me: it's an allergy.

Simple conclusion will follow, but for now- my experience. It all goes beyond shopping psychology, marketing, or behaviour stuff. It even goes far beyond of negative savings of an average individual in the US last year. My basic premise is that big malls, big grocery chains deviate far and far away from an individual consciousnes of a conscious individual. You don't need your individuality, your curiousness, or your primal pure emotions. When you stroll through the isles your emotions are replaced with sugar-daddy-rumsfeld-aspartame-dietcoke food. Your curiousness is bussy with whom Hilton is partying with, and individuality is just a bad case of pneumonia which is taken care by FDA, CDC- they already told what;s good what's bad. So, if you see fiber on kellog's box- shut up and eat it; that's all you need to know. A fantasmagoric sight at my local Jewel store: a man put 5-6 12-packs of caffeine free diet coke.

A shaopping mall is a black friday itself: a sarcastig image of mass psychology and more: emptyness when you don't care. You buy a teflon coated pan, teflon soaked pans, teflon coated glasses. Ok, nevermind that criminal organization by the name of Dupont. You go to the next store and don't even notice that those shining floors are done by people who brethe in loads of toxic fumes when using during their 6-8 hours of night cleaning.

My hyperbolic thoughts travel to a human conversation at the Hickory Farms stand. Sales rep is hearing probably for the first time about a customer who asks what's the company's policy about all those suspicious ingredients like sodium nitrite, nevermind hydrogenated oils. Glad she didn't kill me. Oh, dear. I was given about the same look when I asked the main pharmacist if he had 15% hydrogen peroxide (and I almost ran away). My emptyness was not yet satisfied. famous chocolate brand outlet stood in my way. Read all the ingredients of one of their chocolate products: all hydrogenated oils, sugars, propylene glycol, and all- you know. When manager was told that propylene glycol is used as antifreeze I really thought she would call cops and ship me to a mental institution. Finally I was told she didn't care if hydrogenated oils caused heart attacks. A good idea to check with your insurer if they cover angioplasty (I guess you don't need insurance if you are superstar basketball coach or former president). And don't you dare take 800mg of vitamin E as one proud MD told me. At least I was happy to walk thoriugh the mall stores with my heavy hemp hoodie. I was blessed I didn't meet general McCaffrey- he almost succeeded in making me criminal.

My dear friends, the world of shopping created for us is very convenient: you don't need to think, you don't have to ask and don't you dare to question. It is much more cheaper and logical to put our consciousness at ease where you exist without inherited curiousness and given individuality. They don't want to fight with you or with me- they say (as in a well known song): "welcome to my world" where I feed you, care for you, and you die. Big malls, big stores, big black friday frenzy are great tools of fromation of empty you and me. And when you get home- there is another big mall waiting for you: your big plasma tv with many many channels to suck you into the same: empty you. Remember one skinny indian who's consious effort, walk through villages, drinking pure goat milk, and fasting- broke the backbone of one political imperialistic conglomerate?

While maybe not everyone will achieve something of this magnitute- a conscious effort NOT to "live" in the mall will be a great beginning. Seneka knew all that very well.

My deep believe is that every single conscious effort towards healthier planet and us will scare them (and is scaring) to death because if not:

They don't care.


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