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Personal Message to heppystephy / Stephanie Schultz
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Published: 14 years ago
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Personal Message to heppystephy / Stephanie Schultz

I cannot and do not speak officially for CureZone. The following is strictly my own personal opinion. I use the term "we" only in the sense of being one of many voices within the CureZone community and in no way use the term "we" in any official capacity.

CureZone is not a traditional medical site, no. On that point we agree.

CureZone is a supportive site filled with a large, loosely knit group of people who wander in from all walks of life, from all places around the world. We are your neighbors and your friends. We are everyday people looking for ways to reclaim our own health. As such, we do not claim to be doctors. We do not write prescriptions. We do not run a clinic or a hospital. We are plain, ordinary people who give our own stories, our own testimonials about what has helped us - and what has not - and our own research. Some more informed than others but all from regular people searching for answers and a genuine desire to try to help.

It seems that you may have lost loved ones due to what you consider dangerous advice. So have we. We have lost loved ones, too. We've seen them suffer and fade under the best medical care. We, too, hurt and we, too, look for better ways to better health.

You state that there are no liver stones , that they are bile duct stones. Do not even the allopathic photos of bile duct stones show some of them within the bile ducts of the liver? Does calling my house cat a Felis catus change what it is? So laymen, everyday people, are more comfortable calling the bile duct stones found in the liver plain old liver stones . Is that really such a heinous crime?

Not all of the posters at CureZone agree on most areas, but a most common ground is that our health is our most precious gift and it is OUR health, OUR bodies, OUR right to make the ultimate decision to what we do. A generalized area of agreement in alternative medicine is that good health depends on a good diet of fresh pure food, fresh pure water, fresh pure air, positive thoughts, and regular exercise. Surely to someone as intelligent and articulate as you, if you have been here as long as you claim, that message must have been noticed?

Our environment is toxic. We pour chemicals into the air and water, we spray chemicals on our food which find their way into the air, water, and soil. We spray chemicals in our homes and on our clothes. We open bottles and swallow chemicals because glossy pretty people on TV tell us it will help our headaches, our stomach aches, our sex lives. We go to doctors and have chemicals injected directly into our blood and tissues. We drive vehicles and work in factories that create smog. Modern civilization is a very toxic place.

CureZone is a place of support for people who, for whatever reason, are looking for aid and/or alternatives. People who are suffering from all the wonders of modern life. People who want to take responsibility for their own health. People who are curious. Perhaps CureZone is not for everyone, but no-one here is forced to be here. No one here is forced to do anything. Everyone is free to take or leave anything said. Everyone is free to make what ever decisions THEY DEEM BEST FOR THEM. Everyone is free to leave at any time. We seek simply to educate people on options. What they choose to do with those options is completely their own decision.

If someone disagrees (and many of us do on different options here) we ask very simply that we do so in a supportive and non-argumentative manner. We do not allow cross referencing "quackbuster" information for the plain reason that they have their own site and their own publicity and their aim to shut down alternatives is not compatible with our aim to share alternative information. We do, however, quite often refer back to studies, research, and reports from allopathic medicine. We are not as closeminded as some may like to paint us.

I, for one, welcome alternative views and knowledge of all kinds. However, is it so hard to offer such knowledge supportively and not derogatorily? If it is too difficult, perhaps CureZone is not the right place for you, but why feel that it should be shut it down?

You insinuate that it would be best CureZone is shut down. I wonder best for whom? Certainly not best for me. You state you list CureZone as a Dangerzone on your own website. May I ask why you feel so threatened by a group of common everyday people seeking simply to support each other?

We understand there is no miracle cure, no magic pill to health. For all your stories of people harmed by alternative medicine, we can supply stories of people harmed by allopathic medicine. For all your statistics on the harm alternative medicine has caused, we can provide as many or more statistics on the harm allopathic medicine has caused; statistics found within allopathic medicine's own journals and reports.

I understand and applaud your concern. I cannot understand the undertone of fear and hate. From your various posts it appears you are an American? Isn't freedom of speech guaranteed in the First Amendment of the United States Constitution? Feel free to disagree with anything found here, but to protect your own right to your own opinions on your own site would it not be more beneficial for you to protect our right to our opinions on our own site? That is in no way a threat, but it is a serious concern from an American who sees the dangerous slope that silencing some voices can lead to silencing all voices.

CureZone has helped many people on many levels. There are forums here where people can share their dreams and nightmares, people can share their spiritual bumps and joys. CureZone is much more than liver flushing. CureZone is a supportive place for like minded common laypeople to share about all areas of health, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. CureZone is a community. You seem to have so much knowedge to share. We welcome you if you wish to share in the CureZone community but we must regretfully ask you to keep the "quackery busting" to their own sites.


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