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Re: Is this panic/anxiety attacks? And what do I do to correct problem?

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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Is this panic/anxiety attacks? And what do I do to correct problem?

Hey, okay now I'm going to tell you how to do the kinesiology muscle testing. First you need a partner. It goes like this.

Stand or sit comfortably with your partner next to you. Now, using either your right or left hand(whichever is most comfortable) bring your thumb and pinky together to form a circle. Put your free hand on your head with your palm facing down. Hold this posture. This is your control.

Have your partner genlty try and break apart your circled fingers while you resist using medium pressure. It's important that you always keep your fingers closed using the same amount of pressure, do not change pressure as your partner tries to pull your fingers apart. As your partner pulls your fingers apart you should notice that your resistance is strong. Notice how far apart your fingers break when pulled. This is your positive control.

Now, turn the hand on your head around so that your palm is facing upward. Again, have your partner gently try and pull your fingers apart. You should notice that your fingers resistance is weak. This is your negative control. You will probably have to do the control a few times to get familiar with the feeling and observe the differences. When you are ready you can try using an object. Do the control a few times to get familiar with the difference between a strong test and a weak test.

Then hold the object in your free hand and have your partner gently try and break the circle. If your fingers do not break apart easily, like your positive test, than that substance is good for you. If you fingers break easily, like the negative control, then that food is weakening to you. You can use this test with anything you ingest or put on your body, such as food, supplements, and body products. One interesting thing I've found using this test is that you can change the results simply by using the power of your mind. If I tell my self that the substance I'm testing is good for me it will always come out positive. Now, this shouldn't be used to try and change your results and allow yourself to eat or use something that would otherwise be harmful to you but it does show the amazing power that the mind has over the body; the body believes what the mind tells it.

In the beggining as you do this your results may not be very clear but you will get the hang of it and it will become very easy. Foods that you are allergic to will test weak. But be aware that different foods have different effects at different times. A certain food can be weakening at one time but be strenghtening at another time, so it's important to test a certain food several times to get an understanding of whether or not it's bad for you. I've used this on all my children and it has been very very effective. I hope I've explained this well.

Constantly worrying about little things is a sign of imbalance. I know what your talking about, I used to be like that all the time. If I was going to try something that could be good for my health I would start worrying, thinking "what if it doesnt work", "could this cause damage", or something like "I'm too tired today, I'll start this tomorrow". I felt really bad about it and didn't understand why I just couldn't relax and go with the flow. But after several months of eating a healthy Diet and cleansing my body and enviroment, the worrying, as well as many other unbalanced emotions, stopped. Then I realized that all of these bad feelings we have such as worry, anger, or fear are all signs of an unbalanced body showing up in unbalanced emotions.

It may take a while for these feelings to go away but just keep in mind that they are not you, and they will go away as your body regains it's balance. And then just don't worry about it. I wanted to say that I noticed a huge positive shift in my energy and emotions after a few weeks of heavy metals cleansing. Everyone has heavy metals in their body and cleaning them out has given me a tremedous boost to my health. Good luck, I'll be here to support you and answer any more questions you might have. Love, Mary

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