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Re: is this anxiety? in child...

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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: is this anxiety? in child...

My son had similar problems. He was often angry, upset, overreactive to many situations, and had mood swings. He wasn't doing well in school because it was hard for him to concentrate. Doing homework was a nightmare. He ate the Standard American Diet including slurpies and school lunches. He ate soda, chips, cookies, fast food, etc. A psychiatrist diagnosed him with anxiety/depressive disorder, ADD, and possibly bipolar disorder and put him on a medication that made everything worse. So I began searching for a natural, alternative solution. Now, 1 year later, he is happy, upbeat, cheerful, and friendly. He is doing well in school. He's a new boy. Here's what I did.
1. Stopped school lunches. Fed him organic, all natural food including organic meats. There are a lot of chemicals in commercial food and it also doesn't contain the nutrients your son needs. It is especially low in minerals.
2. Took him off all fermented foods. They contain neurotoxins. Bad for the brain.
These foods are:
barley malt and all malt products including
pickles and pickled foods including: herring, pickled tomatoes, pickled peppers
aged cheese including: cheddar, swiss, parmesan, romano, blue cheese, roquefort, and similar cheeses.
soy sauce
worcestershire sauce
cottonseed oil and other cottonseed products
For more information on foods to avoid for mental and behavior problems get the book Feast Without Yeast, by Bruce Semon, M.D., Ph.D and Lori Kornblum
3. Used treatments for heavy metal toxicity. We used DMSA by mouth then switched to a more natural formula. Search out options off internet. Look for cilantro pesto for heavy metals as well. We noticed an improvement with this.
4. We had him tested for hidden food allergies with the Prime allergy test. He was allergic to 37 of 220 substances including
Wheat, rye, rice, corn, all milk products, honey, Sugar cane(do you get the implication here?)maple sugar, chocolate, soy, peanuts, tylenol, ibuprofen, and others.
When we took him off all these we noticed more improvement. We found that he loves steamed quinoa, a grain. So quinoa, potatoes, and yam's are about the only starch he eats.
5. We also addressed electromagnetic radiation in the home. Look on the internet for info and products. We use biopro.
6. We removed all toxic chemicals, pesticides, and cleaning products from the home. We use only these cleaning products:
Bon Ami, scouring powder
Borax(for dishwashing, laundry, handsoap; in a shaker, it kills germs)
Pure olive oil soap
A natural baby shampoo from health food store
Pure zinc deoderant from
Vinegar(in the dishwasher)
Baking soda(as a toothpaste once in a while. Too often is too harsh. Usually just water. NO TOOTHPASTE. It's very harmful)
3% food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide as a disinfectant
Iodine for cleaning the toilet bowl
7. We took all toxic, noxious items out of his bedroom
8. Drink only Fiji spring water.
9. Had all mercury fillings removed from his mouth
10. For 6 months we used these supplements but have since stopped.
Tryptophan, tyrosine, GABA
11. Used shower filters to remove chlorine(keep in mind that chlorinated swimming pools are highly toxic, the chlorine acts as an Antibiotic and kills all the good bacteria form the gut letting virises and candida run rampant).
12. NO MICROWAVING. We cook only with high quality stainless steel.
Doing all of these things has saved our 11 year old boy's, and our whole family's, health. I know it will save yours. Love, Mary


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