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Thank you!!!
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Published: 17 years ago

Thank you!!!

Thank you so much for setting up this forum! I've been on other boards here, mostly the gallblader forum. Over a year ago I had my gallbladder removed (Little did I know the whole truth that it could cause more harm then good) Anywho, it's done, and I am suffering the consiquences. I had gall stone attacks for the last month or two of my pregnancy, and was told I was over reacting and it was just what happens when you are at the end. I let it go, but One night I had an attack and I was on a desolate road all by myself late at night coming from my parent's house. I thought I was going to die, but though I couldn't even talk, I was trying to dial my Cell Phone and begging someone to save my baby. I was able to get the car going again, though people were drivign around me, no one stopped to help. Needless to say after I had the baby I got another attack and went to the emergency room in the middle of a bad snow storm and was treated like an inconvenience (I really am not a whiner, but I asked for something to puke into, and the girl rolled her eyes, and got a garbage can, and told me I had to answer the insurance questions, and not my husband).
Turns our I had an incredibly severe case of pancreatitus causing my liver to swell. They removed my gall bladder. I got another attack 2 weeks later, and went back (they told me to take Pepeto Bismol, Nice). Later I had an endoscopy done to open the cervix on my liver to let stones out. yadda-yadda-yadda, I suffered since with digestive problems, forced back to work when I wasn't physically ready, But then again, I must be a complainer since "Most people recover in 2 weeks", at least that was their answer. Yeah, I'm bitter. Why? Because recently I've been having some strong pains again, simillar to what I experianced when I had the pancreatitus. I called my doctor (Mind you I only saw him once in the past year, so wasn't being a hypochondriac, or the such), and he brushed it off and gave me some Pepsid type pills to "Calm the acid". Now. Going through what I've been through in the past year, I've learned a few things about the digestive track. I've learned a LOT on Curezone (thank you for changing my life, btw). I've learned that it isn't always obvious when someone who may have chronic pancreatitus actually has it again. I've learned that having it can cause irriversible damage to the pancraus. I'm sorry this is long and woeful, but I'm so frusterated with these doctors!!! When I called my doctor last week and explained that it was painful, she said "Sometimes people get that after the surgery". I knew that I was experiancing it off and on for the past year, but this is different. I know it feels like stones are stuck, and I have back pain with shooting pain. It's painful, is all I had to say, and she should have at least said "Well, come in anyway just to be sure". I tell you I want to cry because no one seems to be listening. I have a 1 1/2 year old. I have a career, and I'm not stupid, so why do they treat me like I am?! No, I'm not a doctor, and I don't want to self diagnose, but I'm being forced to do my own research because I want to live a long healthy life. I want to be there fo my daughter. I'm sorry for the blubbering. Thanks for listening.

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