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Concerned about doing cleanse due to health problems
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Published: 19 years ago

Concerned about doing cleanse due to health problems

Hi. I am looking into doing gallbladder cleansing, but have several concerns that I would like to post and see if anyone can help.
IN brief, here is my history.....

I am 30 years old and for most of my life have had health problems, asthma, allergies, etc. However, during the past 2 years, my health has rapidly declined. I have been diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, Multiple Chem Sensivitities, allergies, severe asthma, and I currently have an environmental med specialist working with me, looking for mycoplasma infections and other possible things causing this. My health is so poor that I spend most of the day ill, spacy, with migraines, etc. I cannot even go into a store or into other people's homes anymore, because I have a reaction to "something", perfumes, fabric softners, auto exhaust, etc. You name it, I get sick from it! (I would also like to mention that 3 months ago, we found our house to be encased in mold and also had a leaky sewer line....we had been living there since about a year before I got sick. We are now staying with my mom while my husband makes our home habitable again.) I would also like to mention that my husband has some of the illness stuff I began getting about 2 years ago...and my daughter is 4 years old and going through waht is called percocious puberty (early puberty).
Needless to say, I think liver and gallbladder cleansing would help all of us.....

The concerns I have are mostly over Epsom Salts and myself doing cleansing. Since I have reactions to MANY things and sometimes they are very severe, I am concerned about whether or not I will have a reaction to Epsom Salts . Are they treated with any chemical processing? I would like to try doing a cleanse soon, possibly this weekend, but am concerned that if I do not use Epsom Salts , that I may have a more difficult time. I wonder if it would help if I modified some of the cleanses somewhat and omitted the epsom salts and fasted for the next day or two on apple juice. Will this help to release stones and/or to soften them?

I also have a concern about doing cleanses when you are ill. I read about how you should not do them when you are ill. Unfortunately, I am always pretty ill, although not really with a cold or flu. However, being looked at for mycoplasma infections makes me wonder if a liver clease could do harm. I know the overall thing is that you will cleanse and get stronger, but is there an initial period where you are pretty weak? I worry that infection can set in.

Sorry for such a lengthy post. I am very anxious to hear back from someone and very anxious to begin cleansing. My entire life has pretty much been shut down and I am hoping to have it open up again somewhat, but have much fear about anything "new" i do, because of my health conditions. With my health problems, I suppose someone would probably tell to find a doctor to work with. Unfortunately, after 13 doctors & ND's over the past year, I have to say that it would not be an easy task. I think this is a wonderful forum where people can learn from others....after all, that is one of the most important things!

Thank you so much in advance for any info and help you can give.


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