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Advise from an Indian Yoga instructor/Ayurvedic doctor on Salt Water Flush
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Published: 18 years ago
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Advise from an Indian Yoga instructor/Ayurvedic doctor on Salt Water Flush

Hi All;

I posted a little of this information yesterday, but the heading was different, and there are so many questions here regarding SWF (Salt-Water-Flush) that I thought I'd post it under a different heading. I also forgot a couple of important details in my post yesterday to make your SWF (Salt-Water-Flush) a little easier. Hope this is useful information:

I was taught about the SWF (Salt-Water-Flush) years ago by my yoga teacher who is an older Indian guy who has also been an ayurvedic doctor for years.

According to him, it's very important to use the right amount of salt (2 tsp salt/4 cups warm (not hot) water). The reason he explained is that our cells are also this dilution of salt water (like the ocean, also) - something I've read in other sources since he told me that. With water the same salinity as our cells, the cells don't recognize it as different, and let it pass right through. So, again, the correct salinity is pretty important, according to him.

To make the flush go better, faster, etc. you can do some exercises. One really good thing to do is drink the salt water while in Kogasana pose. This is also called Crow. You will be crouching/squatting. You are balancing on your feet, with them flat on the floor if possible. You can sit with your back propped against a wall or something else for balance if you'd like.

As you squat, sip your salt water. You needn't "chug" it, in fact, he recommended sipping it slower rather than faster. Also, you can massage your abdomen in a counterclockwise direction to get your intestines stimulated. Other good thing to do is exercises - light - such as yoga twists (twist your upper body around to each side) and the Cobra pose.

Here's another important ingredient: When the purge starts, sip warm water (with no salt) till it stops. You can probably also sip your lemonade. Just keep sipping. It helps push it through fast and thoroughly. Don't exercise anymore after the purge starts.

Here's an attempt to explain some exercises.

Do these exercises intermittently after drinking your water:
-Interlace your fingers in front of you. Raise your interlaced hands above your head, palms up, like you're stretching. Bend to each side 4 times each in this position.
-Stand with your legs shoulder width apart, legs straight and firm (do not lock your knees). With arms straight down at sides, twist your upper body around till you're looking over your right shoulder. Make sure you don't move your lower body, and make sure you're not just turning your head/neck. You need to be twisting in the abdominal region. Do this to the other side as well. Hold as long as you can.
-Kogasana (crow pose) again, only this time alternate one knee towards the floor and the other twisted in toward your intestines.
-Cobra pose (lying on floor, toes forward so you're on your toes. Alternate your gaze towards one heel, then the other. (so you're twisting backward again.)

Once again, hope this helps. It's (second-hand) advise from a very experienced yoga/Ayurveda expert, and it's worked well for me for years. Hope it works for you as well.

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