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Liver flush and 40 day MC Fast
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Published: 19 years ago
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Liver flush and 40 day MC Fast

I have been on the Master-Cleanse fast for 40 days and this morning I went through my eleimination process from Dr. Hulda's liver cleanse program I did last night and Holy Guacamole Batman!!! I was amazed at the amount of stuff that
has accumulated in my liver and gallbladder. Unbelieveable!!!

If I had done the flush while eating regular I mighta thought that it coulda been some of the food I was eating but since I have not touched solid food in 40
days the stuff is downright scary!!. All these little yellow,green and black things.YIKES!!!

I had looked at pictures of stuff/stones people had passed and I thought, well these must be really sick folks with bad livers/gallbladders etc. Boy was I wrong!! During a recent stay in the hospital for kidney stones I had very weird atypical reactions to the stones with uncontroled vomiting and dry heaves. I couldn't even hold down water so they checked me out pretty thouroughly including my liver and gallbladder and it all checked out perfectly healthy after ultra sounds and X-rays. HA!! That is outside of the BB sized stones I was trying to pass. Wish I had investigated natural healing methods sooner.............

So now I'm gonna keep doing the Liver Flushes till I don't pass any more "stuff". I'm gonna do another Liver Flush in 2 weeks and see what comes out then and if I'm still passing
stuff I'm gonna keep repeating the flushes every 2 weeks.

I say it's weird and freaky but it's really a blessing/ relief to have done some research and be doing the Colon Cleanse Master-Cleanse fast and Dr. Hulda's Liver Flush and perhaps dodging some future bullet. I tell ya after my experience I couldn't recomend this liver/gallbladder flush and Master-Cleanse fast enough.

Besides losing some weight, getting more energy, my skin
getting clearer and just about getting rid of the dark circles under my eyes. I have also gotten rid of a chronic pain on my right shoulder and wrist. Now after flushing all this crap out of my gallbadder and liver I'm really looking forward to a healthier lifestyle.

Rank mode on.....

Ya know I kept reading all these folk complaining about the taste of the salty water on the MC fast, the cayenne peppper and the Epsom Salts and the olive oil having this horrendous taste etc etc. Now after having gone through it all and having dreaded every mix all I could think was. "What a bunch of whiners".....;+D

I dreaded every one of the mixes and when it came down to it, it was no big deal at all. So the water was a little salty, big f@#$%& deal....I mixed the Epsom Salts with fresh squeezed grapefruit juice like recomended and no sweat at all. The olive oil and the grapefruit juice. Not anywhere near as bad as the "horrendous" descriptions I have read on this site. It was just "slightly" funky but very tolerable.

I know, I know everybody is different yada yada.....but other than having some extreme "physical" reactions, all you "whiners" please, please keep it to yourselves. You're discouraging a lot of people who would be doing a world of good for their health including yourselves.

Rant mode off...........;+D

So if any of you folks are at all discouraged by the descriptions of horrible tasting stuff please don't pay any attention. It simply is not that bad and the results are nothing short of amazing.

Good luck ya'll.............


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