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My Story
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Published: 13 years ago

My Story

Hey, for anyone who might be interested, I thought I'd post my story. This is the first time I've ever done a cleanse; I'd only heard someone mention a cleanse last year and someone told me about Master-Cleanse a while ago so I looked it up. I'm on Day 7 now and feeling fine.

All my life I've had recurring UTI's. It was rampant as a child and I was hospitalized so they could check my innards and look for abnormalities that could be causing it, but never found any. As I grew older, I came to manage them myself only going to a doctor when necessary although I took plenty Antibiotics in my childhood. I self treated with so much Cranberry Juice, the stuff makes me sick! Thank god for my roommate the nurse who told me about cranberry pills. :-) Anyway, for me they get triggered so easily and by what I don't know, although in college I began to suspect that food was a big part of it. When I started eating Atkins-style, I noticed a much higher susceptibility to them. Thank goodness I wasn't seeing anyone during that time - lots of action starts trouble, too.

When I met my husband, we both liked lots of action but it caused me to get sick many times. It started to put a strain on us, having uncertainty about when we could be intimate and how terrible he would feel when I got sick. I went to doctors from the severity and self medicated but it seemed the Antibiotics weren't working and between them and my self medicating, I had some very difficult episodes. My husband and I cut back drastically on our intimacy and I got very "gunshy" from being sick. Finally, desperate for another answer that doctors could never give, I searched the net for an alternative cure. I searched and searched and saw some crazy stuff and searched some more and finally found UTIreport on the web. It can cure a UTI in 24 hours using ingredients from the grocery store!

I found the cure was all things like making a fresh parsley tea, making a broth (an infusion) using carrots, potato peels, beets, onions, etc. These were the things used to cure it, not some miracle drug. Heck, those Antibiotics never were miracles anyway. On the UTI report, it also mentioned maintenance for how to avoid them in the future, specifically what foods to avoid. Reading the list of foods was like reading a menu of my favorite things to eat! Even some that are considered "healthy" such as tomatoes (when cooked, turn acidic) or chicken. It was not only a revelation but also a confirmation of what I had suspected but couldn't have figured out all alone. An vegetables were the main cure! Go figure.

Nowadays I read about scientists finding some molecule that has anti-cancer fighting properties to be found in broccoli, or some such thing and part of me is like, "DUH!!!" But they will look too deeply and try to make it a concentrated drug, possibly rendering it unusuable by the body. I don't believe one little thing will fix the such a big problem, even if the pill were effective: brocolli pills and McDonalds will not make a person healthy! But the experience left me completely believing that like with mental health, doctors of physical health, are spending so much time treating the symptoms and not researching the cause or methods of prevention. I want to take my health in my own, more capable hands, and be able to feel alive 20 years from now.

Although I've always had a good figure, last year my cholesterol and liver function went up. The tests in October really shocked me. I want to be HEALTHY when I'm older, but the hubby and I were eating out and doing whatever we wanted. I started eating more veggies, cut out most of the dairy & meat and some bread and in March my blood work was normal. I heard about this cleanse, and jumped right on it, researched. Now I am on Day 7 of my very first cleanse ever of any kind and I'm excited to turn over a new leaf so I have energy and look good when I reach 40 or 50 or 60.

I do want to thank everyone on this forum - I'm addicted to it and read constantly as I go through my cleanse. It is such a help. I with & pray for you all to follow your intuition and be guided to true health in the best way for you. Thanks for the support and peace to all.

You're e-friend,

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