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Published: 75 days ago


Babies were sold as PRODUCTS in the 1900s "À Vendre":


But I mean if breediots do not breed like wild unconscious animals, who would the mountain lions and other predator animals devour? What about demons, who will the demons possess, harass, terrorize ?


Who will inhale, eat and drink the poisoned air/food/water if breediots stop breeding ?


Who will the 'organized' exploit, use, abuse, molest, torture, work to death and murder if breediots start becoming non-deplorable, moral, ethical, logical, rational, non-narcissistic, non-selfish, non-sadist, non-child-haters, non-terrorist-oppressing tyrant DICKtators by refusing to breed like animals, aka having responsible sex? WHO ?? just WHO???


Who is going to drink all the poisonous coffee made with poisoned water, who will use all the legal and illegal drugs and who will ingest/inject all the pharmaceuticals if breediots don't provide new consumers/victims and perpetrators ? Breediots are KEY to EVERY industrial CONplex. Without breediots ALL industrial CONplexes would go broke within a year.


How will the priesthood, through the cemetery/funeral industrial complex keep making trillions each year if breediots stop providing them new corpses via breeding like unconscious animals?


The creation AND perpetuation of death, suffering, exploitation and slavery MUST be continued via breeding like unconscious animals by breediots, it is their duty and their coping mechanism to being bored to death, lonely, purposeless, sadists, terrorists, tyrants, megalomaniacs, power tripping control freaks, virtue signallers, cognitive dissonance, low IQ.


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