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Hulda Clark Cleanses
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Published: 3 months ago

top 3

The top 3 poisons people buy and know as foods / restaurant foods, groceries---what they buy and put in their mouths:


2. MSG

3. Food flavorings, natural flavorings---endless chemical addiction.

PEOPLE consume so much of these poisons that the city people have lost all natural taste---they have ZERO CLUE what real foods look like or taste life---they grew up on CHEMICALS

The "professionals" , highly college brain washed, GMO 2 legged that were vaccinated while in the womb and poisoned from school grade to school grade with drugs/vaccines/poisons that then are brain washed and HAND SELECTED turn into true ZOMBIES.....demon filled with thousands of evil spirits.

POISONED their entire life and the "ORGANIZED" starting by 1895 and all working as unit 731 world wide that master POISONS--have murdered BILLIONS of babies, children, adults and poisoned the entire planet..

ELIJAH / PAUL-JESUS by 1914 started the process on earth to explain and show the entire world that ALL of these "ORGANIZED" professionals are murderers on a grand scale---they destroyed families, poison and murder millions of babies and when ELIJAH / JESUS RETURN---they all said----"WE" as described in the ancient Monk Biblical history----"WE" are going to return and KILL THEM ALL---kill every organized evil demon on planet earth and then RESTART and NEW EARTH CYCLE with a select few new humans.....that ELIJAH creates and distributes. What history has recorded as happening over and over each time---WHEN the different species of humans all cross their borders and start talking and mating with each other----well described in all bibles.... WHEN GOD gives you your own lands, your own countries----you stay satisfied and content and leave your neighbors alone......

EVERY RACE can't stay put, they have to build ships or walk and kill and eat their neighbors.....

THE ORGANIZED are the same people that started world war 1---they like the name---unit 731 and they all WEAR UNIFORMS, they all control your foods, your water, your air and your poisons..

The EAST COAST D.C. creeps pay amish in Pennsylvania to not only raise their vegetables and fruits "ORGANICALLY", their chefs never use SULFATES / MSG / FOOD FLAVORINGS---the poisons are for their pastured humans on top---not for "THEM"---they are given millions of FREE $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$, because all slaves are trained to to serve those with $$$$, those that poison them to death.

The wealthy people have their $$$ thanks to being hand picked in colleges once they proved loyalty to kill the slaves. EVIL PEOPLE never pay taxation and are given free $$$$ as a reward to own SLAVES.

"IF" you work for your $$$$$$, face the fact, you are a poisoned slave-----the more poisons you had as a baby in the womb and the more school teachers got to your brain--- the sicker you are and addicted to endless poisons and have no clue what foods really taste like-----YOU ONLY KNOW CHEMICAL TASTE.

YOUR BRAIN is very powerful--what you believe the brain will try to make happen.........there is a SUPERIOR POWER in the universe that helps those that want helped----spiritually there are the chosen and then there are the ones chosen by the colleges---the 2 are opposites.

No girl should ever get near a college and for that matter---schools---girls world wide have always been harmed, used and abused......and today in the USA with the great invasion------young girls from over 100 countries are being abused by old people---demon possessed old people that always want girls and for that matter, many abuse boys to show they are even more it all decays, these old people bring out their young girls that can't speak their language and trained to love their old people....known as the times of Sodom and Gomorrah it is world wide plague today as evil has taken control and control 170 different military who transport the slaves around the world. The children always their victims and why the biblical monks stated that demons are easily recognizable--they all hate and harm babies/children. They put on suits and uniforms and become slave owners with fake gov $$$$ which is 100% pure the organized rule their slaves and their cops /judges / jails take care of those that disobey them.

EXPEL your poisons and WAKE UP out of your chemical induced STUPOR. Dr. Howard Hay, M.D. by 1935 showed the world how to do it and that just opens the first door to freedom---freedom from being poisoned to death by "them".

Today hundreds of millions are being "kept" inside new gov built homes, side by side, surrounding cities that then in exchange--harvest their babies....that can only happen as a result of a world wide invasions of aliens by 1950 that have the taste for humans and created a world wide alien restaurant. YOU WOULD DO THE SAME if you traveled the universe and needed a FOOD STOP.

Planets with water and food are where aliens are going to farm and eat.


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