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Re: Dr. Sears

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Published: 6 months ago
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Re: Dr. Sears

Thanks for your comment. It's not clear to me if F & M can be taken internally.

Most all essential oil books warn to never take essential oils internally---this is because they suspect most can be synthetics and therefor---just "perfumes"

so all internal use is always self-experimentation.

TRUE steam distilled essential oils are just herbs, just "foods" and therefor should be none toxic---while synthetics no one would know--they would be more drug like.....drugs like carbolic acid used over 100 years ago as a synthetic wild oregano oil is only 1 example----in some countries it is a SIN to even think about making/using a synthetic, while in the modern world of JUST IN TIME commercial products--they only want synthetics.

so each consumer has to trust the manufacturer and when it comes to bulk essential oils---very few exist on the planet--BECAUSE it takes enormous labor and factories to produce essential oils for the world.

I look here & there trying to get this info.

essential oil INFORMATION is like all other books-----mostly written by professional writers PAID ____s of the manufacturers to product a new product.

Some say to put 2 drops of Frankincense in a capsule. Well, whatever for. If it is safe, it's safe to take in a bit of water.

BASICALLY use any essential oil on your skin first-----after days/weeks/months of use you see zero ill affects, then odds are it is nothing that is going to hurt the body--just my guess.

THE FACTS are that these companies from all over sale products that could have all sorts of stuff in them----

EXAMPLE---when I was very little, I had to help with sheep 1 time and SHEEP DIP has an extremely "unique" smell--something you never forget. 50 years later I noticed this 1 essential oil was that EXACT SMELL---then after a period of time ,I acquired that same essential oil and it was NOT BLACK and had no offensive smell....luckily at that time period, a man on the other side of the planet befriended me and answered my questions for about 10 years----he told me that sheep dip product was actually 30% COAL TAR and that all commercial essential oil companies do all this evil stuff and sale it as "pure"----SO I asked that company in Canada, a huge supplier of medical grade essential oils---WHY is your essential oil BLACK and THICK and nasty smelling and by a miracle soe person responded to me and said that essential oil is 30% coal tar and THAT did not appear on their label at all-----I learned over a 10 year period that many of these so called pure essential oils are created with ACIDS and GASES and since many true made essential oils become VERY THICK or turn to HARD CRYSTALS ---that crap they sale in those tiny little bottles are DILUTED so they can pour through that tiny little hole.

CAYENNE as 1 example---that stuff is THICK as MUD and can turn HARD, so 20 years ago I always mixed Cayenne with ___% Wild Oregano Oil as a way to keep the cayenne "LIQUEFIED" otherwise when using Essential Oil of Cayenne a person would have to use a SPOON and push really hard into a container.......the same with really pure peppermint, it will turn into crystals and mega strong stuff----perfect for making salves and creams.

LOOK at turpentine, it starts out as the most powerful GLUE on the planet---that stuff will glue anything

WHEN anyone buys a so called essential oil in those tiny little expensive bottles from those big name companies------WHO KNOWS what on earth is in that bottle.....this is why those that write books say consumer BEWARE and use externally only.

The man that befriended me for 10 years did so because he dreamed of living in America---he was also a high up person in the company and when it was discovered that he had been "educating" me by answering questions and taking pictures at my request--he was fired. WITH OUT HIM, I would have never learned 10% of what I learned about how evil commercial sources of essential oils can be---David Christopher, 1 of my teachers long ago--he was teaching that if an essential oil is purchased in North America---odds are it is not the real thing. YET these synthetics use things like carbolic acid and who knows what all and they give a medical type affect--drug affect, so the consumer never ever knows..the labs are secretive and can produce bulk on command---JUST N TIME for world companies.

AS far as Frank and Myrrh goes----these are cheaply purchased in their raw state and you can make your own or just simply use the raw herb....these 2 are that easy, while 99% of the rest it can take 50+ pounds of the herb to create 1 ounce of oil.

FRANK and MYRRH have incredible history-----such herbs were sold for equal weights of gold.

I take lavender oil
I read long ago that males should avoid lavender oil---so I have no experience with that one....I read once that it can make a male---less male...NO CLUE if there is any truth in such authors----so to be on the safe side, I just took that bit of advice and avoid that one.

internally in either olive oil or water though oil is better because olive oil has an affinity for the liver (lavender oil cleans out old residues of poor quality oils).

The best vitamin D is derived from sunflower---so I like sunflower oil equally to a quality olive oil

SELF-EXPERIMENTATION is how people learn...

I never use soap----and bathe with 1 full dropper of wild oregano oil in the water---then after rinsing the hair, I pour drops into my hands and rub my scalp.....have never read to do this---just self-experimenting....that is what you do---try something and see if you like it. IF the hair falls out---you know you screwed that up.


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