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The greatest health habits to achieve
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Published: 67 days ago

The greatest health habits to achieve

by priority

1. getting lots of sun

2. drink whole sweet fruit juice and avoid "water"--dirty water and dirty air are the main reasons for premature death

3. Master the Dr. Hay Way Orange Juice Fasting the best your able--every human on earth can do this---pick your "local" available sweet tree fruit juice or bush fruit juice --preferably from the citrus family---oranges are by far the works as written in the book almost 100 years ago---but with some simple herbs, it can be 10x easier and 10x better in my opinion.

4. Olive Leaves are available all over earth where it is "warm" and often grow wild and take over...........learn to master this cheap, none toxic herb and consume as a tea or powder. Olive Trees shares the longest history and when used correctly for prevention and treatment, it is a biblical "Miracle" herb.

5. Chiropractor---find the best one in your area you can afford and see "HIM" Monthly for life--starting at birth. He normally will charge about $30 per visit---the greatest of them all are the Thailand Monks---they may charge you $60, but they will work on you for many hours for that much $$$; they can be superior to any college trained chiropractors.

THE MAJOR problem all people have is PAST DAMAGE and this past damage can date back 7 generations---stuff they can not "change"---but they can also improve and STOP the damage and improve the next generation.

Such past damages are "endless" in that maybe your parents raised you in or near a city and all the endless problems that comes with that. Maybe they took you to a "dentist", that can be a result of so many problems that started in the past and harm your future.

THERE are great books that have been written for 200 years addressing "all" the problems......many of those books are deliberately destroyed by evil people---but good books always "survive". For those that can afford "nothing", they all can help them selves----by just simply taking off the cloths and absorbing the sun all over their entire body---no matter where they live, no matter what their race and beliefs....the SUN is the most powerful subject for the living to learn and master.

WEALTHY people are lied to, tricked, trapped and poisoned "often" more than the poorest people----their $$$ enables them to obtain the latest drugs, operations and buy everything imaginable to extend their lives and history proves all their $$$ rarely ever gets them past the "average" age for death---the more they spend, the faster they poison them selves---because they believe their $$$ and those that wear the uniforms know the best........these know it all medical doctors for a very very long time---take longevity drugs made specifically for them......their membership reward.

TAKE as many of these expensive and extremely restricted drugs as they may----they do not make it o age 100.............YET a local town drunk can often make it to age 100 and still walk and talk and drink......and that baffles the millionaires/white coats because they drink just as much booze and they can't make it to age 100---their belief in chemicals, drugs, tissues, etc. always backfires on them and they can't make it and leave their millions to those that spend it as fast as they can.

All people live in world war 1----New Zealand a simple example today------90% of all their exports are taken by the 1 country that defeated them....the same applies to most countries/islands on earth--once defeated their resources are consumed by those that conquered them.

War is what life on earth for humans has always been---evil people killing others to take their land---the USA has been is such a war for hundreds of years---millions fighting and killing for American soil.

War or surviving war is what life is all about....bad people want you dead, flies want to eat you, germs/worms/fungus eat you from within---EVERYTHING wants "YOU" dead.

Humans want to believe they are "superior", yet not one can "prove" they are superior to any other "living" creature on earth other than humans think they can kill anything and everything---yet the smallest creatures on earth murder every human that was ever born------simple tiny / invisible CREATURES always murder all humans..always and their job is to return them back to dirt.

EVERY GREAT AUTHOR all has 1 thing in "common"----THEY ARE DEAD and the only one I knew of that lived past age 100 was a english soldier that waited until he 110 years old to write his little book. Otherwise----those great scientist / drs of the past.....virtually NONE of them lived much longer than "AVERAGE"----yet most all discovered at least "1" great thing.

HOW many today are warning people that water is killing them all and that water flavored with coffee is the world's greatest suicide drink.

HOW many authors today tell people that those around you that died----were full of ROCK and WORMS and ROT...

Not all that long ago----the human male was not considered adult enough to have children until age 120---today the average 50 year old appears "aged".....

The war is so advanced that most babies today are killed by day 1 in the womb----far more babies are killed in the womb than have been born for the past 50 years....drugs/poisons end in fungus/worms--"IF" the drug does not kill instantly as in the case of birth control poisons.

TRY as people might---they can not UNDO spiritual damage--their brain records 100% of everything---they can not undo their own evil...every human PAYS for their own EVIL with their very next breath of air--- EACH human only has 1 more breath of air and the brain DECIDES "IF" the lungs inhale 1 more breathe of air. THE BRAIN decides death.

Besides parasites such as worms and fungus and the such-----people believe they can have 1,000's of spiritual parasites they call demons or those spirits that have no body of their own----HITCH HIKERS that all want to steal your body and take it for their own... EVERY "THING" wants you dead and when your brain decides you should be dead---you will die. Often people become lonely and just want to die---they get what their brain believes in most.

One can speculate which of the thousands of reasons "each" author died from---it makes ZERO DIFFERENCES.....God has but 1 simple request, "YOU" are responsible for "YOU" and learn to leave all the rest to GOD, he created it all and He has it all under 100% control.

Not 1 person has ever saved or changed a simple person nor should they try---people that try, usually do it for a living. Otherwise "FAMILY" have the JOB of raising each child perfectly as they are able---the abilities to survive in a world that everything wants them DEAD.

People want to IGNORE the fact that the planet has millions, surely billions of unseen creatures that also, do not like humans being on earth.... EVERYTHING wants or wishes humans would die.

Pretty much is life on earth for most all the living---something want to end the life of all.

DEATH gives others a chance to live........why? ASK GOD, no one else could possible have an idea.

6. There are many "preventative" foods a human can make use of to seek a healthier life. NOT 1 herb or medicine can undo diet or undo the lack of the sun or undo bones that are out of place, or undo the endless damages from electric/poisons, etc..........BUT when those things are addressed "BETTER" than your neighbors did----YOU OUT LIVE YOUR NEIGHBORS

YIPPY if nothing else on earth---you live longer with your children and out live the "average"......and your children REPEAT and their children out live the "average".....NOW the sickly bunch, they prefer to just die, drugs/booze medical suicide and who is to say they are wrong--as the marines say---TRUST GOD will sort them all out in the morning.... WORRY about yourself and your family...

ONE of possibly many options for number 6 is 1 very simple tiny thing all humans with a little $$$ can do............LEARN to consume steam distilled wild oregano oil by putting it under their tongue...........They first learn by putting in their air, then on their ski and used diluted for many many years and ONE DAY they will discover it no longer burns and they can take the oil by mouth and that DAY is the DAY they have learned the most simple greatest herbal method in human history----YES, others methods exist, but nothing as simple as wild oregano oil by mouth.

BEGINNERS do this: 1 drop to a gallon of juice, etc......1 drop to a huge amount and year by year use more until you can put diluted directly under your tongue. There are many reasons why.

AFTER years of use, you can put wild oregano oil in your bathtub and eventfully a year will come that you can put the pure oil direct on your feet, legs, etc.

The idea is simple--1 pure drop total under the tongue daily for life.

IT was proven years ago that new born babies can do this by way of 1 drop rubbed inside their cheek and repeat each hour for 7 total drops---SO the big old fat adult can handle 1 drop daily.

ONCE the brain has ZERO FEARS, the brain will permit 1 drop as often as you like---even 3 or 7 drops at a time--because by that time, the brain will know it is just a "food"

wild oregano oil is sold world wide under many names, same as olive leaves are world wide........MANY essential oils have 100 years of history, some have thousands of years....wild oregano oil is the favorite of the scientist since 1910. Wormwood and Wormseed Oil were also extremely famous, but those the adult never wants to take more than 2 total drops per day for 30 days max and do nothing for 30 days and wait and see if anything happens...EVERYTHING a human does---is self-experimentation and every human should have their top 10 things they do to try to live healthier----


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