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for 73 years
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Published: 7 months ago

for 73 years

for 73 years "they" have been blocking the sun---creating global warming green house BECAUSE as Bush stated along time ago---the earth is heading into an ice age--again.
This air force induced global warming can alter weather 50 degrees.

This aluminum / titanium they spray the world with to warm it up---kills all the trees.......TREES have been dying since 1949 when they started global warming.

It cost billions of $$$ to spray the world and warm it up every day of every year since 1949

THIS SUN BLOCKAGE has killed billions of people PREMATURELY by their design----the blocked sun makes MOLd and FUNGUS

Every human, animal and tree you have ever known--including "YOU" have been dying from chemical sprays used for global warming by their design---those people that all lie about climate change are the same people killing you and the world--out of fear they will freeze to death-----canada, russia, china, Alaska, north america would "ALL" be frozen 6 months out of every year "IF" they did not create global warming using chemicals---chemicals that block the sun, trap the heat and kill all life below it.

"YOU" are ate up with MOLD aka FUNGUS and that FUNGUS eats you alive---same as it is eating every tree

PEOPLE move to arizona for the dry weather because MOLD does not live well in dry weather, so humans live longer.

PEOPLE move to florida because of more sun and the airforce chemicals blow into the ocean and less on top of their heads. PEOPLE then live 10 years LONGER. ONLY IDIOTS live in Alaska/canada

FUNGUS EATS YOU ALIVE---your skin is FULL OF IT, just like the bark of every tree is FULL OF IT.

"they", those that fly the chem trail jets---they kill the entire world so they can make it HOTTER and save their precious canada from turning into 200 feet of ICE and then sliding down into the states killing everyone...again.

100% of all that have ever spewed global warming are all liars--they have always been liars--those same people want people dead, they want people dead by age 40 "if" they survived the drugs and survived birth...100% of all the professionals have every done--is to depopulate the planet... People kill each other for SPACE.

Those killing billions can stop any day they want and the earth will return back to NORMAL warming is nothing more than the extension of world war 1 and 100% that parade around the world saying people cause global warming are liars---those in the jets are not people and odds are they are all drone controlled today----chem jets that follow the sun with aluminum and titanium to capture the sun and electronics used to pull and push weather to 100% control the weather.......your town destroyed by tornadoes or hurricanes---"they" did it BECAUSE they all bragged by 1970 they could STOP hurricanes and tornadoes.....they use such things to "CLEANSE" countries.

THEY can not stop the ice age---everything they have done for 80 years has poisoned the planet and back fired...."they" kill billions of people by their design.

100% of ALL breathe in their POISONS and 100% of all trees die prematurely as a warning to all humans--- TREES ROT the same reason humans ROT-----not enough sun, too much fungus and the FUNGUS EATS ALL till it is dead and returned to the dirt.


FUNGUS is in/on your skin, inside you and lives in your sinus, etc. as it waites for you to become too poisoned and then FUNGUS EATS you alive---just like the trees and those in uniforms calling them selves Unit 731 have sprayed since 1949, the same year they took over all the hospitals and colleges....those that do not obey 731 do not become millionaires, do not live in mansions, they do not have gold-----"IF" you want $$$$$, go to their colleges and agree to kill and they will make you wealthy and that insures lots and lots of antibiotics which insures FUNGUS consumed your entire body....

If you like living---never ever get near a white coat and live drug free, dope free, chemical free as possible and learn to defeat MOLD

NEVER live in a basement or damp area

NEVER avoid the sun

LEARN how to kill the mold and fungus inside you---before it eats you alive.

OF IN TRUST to the cureaone termites-----growing up in a moldy house and parents that gave you DRUGS---not only insures your premature death---it insures you become mentally insane.....MOLD / FUNGUS homes produce mentally ill children.......fungus eats their nerves / brain up.

YES, lymes for 300 years have been eating all MAMMALS UP---so those chem trail jets are not 100% the cause---NATURE WANTS YOU DEAD AS WELL......why?

WHY? It is called how our sun circles around another sun and as the earth ROTATES and the galaxies ROTATE -----EARTH CYCLES and in the beginning mammals might all live 1,000+ years and never ever have any need to EVER EAT anything------the air is that PERFECT........but at the end of each cycle, people eat people...

ALL ROTATES---nothing can hold still in space...."NOTHING".

You can simple succumb to mold/fungus---most all do, we call those people antibiotic dopers.

OR, you do what real humans have always done----OBEY NATURE best you can.

BILLIONS are living in the wrong place on earth----those people have to ADAPT and the smart ones seek solutions to support a few better years of life.

SUN is your most powerful source of life on earth-----get a TAN, eat less, live longer.

Those that have no $$ to buy stuff that makes life last longer and better---they need to take their cloths off and GET TAN all over and under where the sun does not shine-------where the sun does not shine is where MOLD LIVES

LOOK outside---then LOOK UP----those that spray you are the ones creating global warming---called chem trail jets since 1949 japan.

YOU have always lived in a atmosphere full of aluminum ---every breathe you ever took is full of their aluminum. 100% of everything bad--ends in more mold, more fungus until they send your bag to the crematory.

"THEY" shut their jets off and the earth will FREEZE----no more more Alaskans, Russia will sink in ice---again. THE USA will be as worthless as it was by 1920---a waste land of dust.......

This is why "they" moved millions / billions out of africa /south america and herded them NORTH....bush openly said the family purchased in south america BECAUSE AN ICE AGE IS COMING..

China owns africa/south america for 50 years.....those living near the equator survive ice ages.

Literally---their jets are farming humans, because with out their chemical jets----millions would have to head south----only today, that is a 1 way ticket NORTH---they want you out of their south.


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