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How did you do it?
legna Views: 74
Published: 3 months ago

How did you do it?

'How did you get the curezone parasite to leave your forum?'

Here we go, another 'american' exposing himself as the cowardly communist/bolshevik anti free-speech trash who just can't deal with facts, truth, reality.

Child-exploiter/hater-Breediot 'logic', 'morality', 'ethics' 101:
- NPC-normies who want kids be like: The world is a horrible, disgusting, oppressive place!
- Also, NPC-normies who want kids be like: I hope to force at least 7- 20 kids (against their will, without their permission/consent) one day into this horrible/disgusting/oppressive place!
- I am like: soooo you choose to impose exploitation from all points of views, suffering and death on innocent sentient beings?! Your lack of empathy is horrifying and astonishing at the same time.

Religious nutcases’ ‘logic’:
"Everyone is born a sinner "
"Sin is what causes us to suffer"
"Let's be fruitful & multiply to create countless suffering sinners"

Humans are born with sin. Sin is bad. Is it a good thing to create more sin through breeding like animals?

Gawd: Hates sin more than anything bc it's against his nature (but he still kinda created it oops)
Also Gawd: makes a rescue plan that doesn't even get rid of sin and expects all of humanity to kiss his ass for it (or burn in all eternity)
Yeah no thank you. Life is a gift bag full of poop and maggot vomit!

We are still waiting now since forever for breediots to come up with ONE, just ONE: moral, ethical, non-selfish, non-narcissistic, non-sadist, empathetic, compassionate, logical, rational reason to kidnap/rape/force innocent souls against their will, without their consent/permission into a lifelong of guaranteed exploitation from all points of views (especially by their breediot NPC parents, relatives and 'friends'), suffering and horrible death... and as an extra, if hell is real, eternal torture for 80- 90% of people ever created by a 'loving', 'merciful', 'forgiving', 'kind' god who claims she loves mankind the most.

Yes I wrote SHE because only a female could/would create such a mess insane asylum and destroy it once with a worldwide flood and second with worldwide fire… a male god would have a nano-gram of compassion on his creation he claims he loves the most. How cute.

Breediots are the most cruel, violent, sadistic, low IQ, cowardly and anti-free speech trash earth ever experienced.

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