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the greatest herb on earth

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Published: 5 months ago

the greatest herb on earth

The greatest / historical herb on earth grows wild in the mountains of a country that is not friendly to anyone and if you were to walk up their mountains, they would shoot you and no one going to pick 1 of their plants.

100+ years ago----CHINA circled the globe collecting all the medical herbs and brought them back to China and planted at the proper climates and altitudes, etc. THEY TOLD ME the only herbal history they could not repeat was the Egyptian Oils, due to the climate and method of making. Egypt restricts sales, the only way to get those oils is to travel to Egypt and again, hostile country, machine guns pointed at you at every intersection with military dogs and tanks and when you buy from the stores---the neighbor store owners come over and beat that owner 1/2 to death and rob him---been there and done that...

The greatest herb on earth, like the Egyptian herbs----LONG AGO was made into an OIL, which amazes me for people thousands of years ago.........

Today Turkey claims to grow such an herb in flat bottom fields---a land full of chemical/bomb fall out from war torn history ...but most of all, they sale different grades of this oil--which is proof, they are selling "SYNTHETICS" and not the true wild plant oil.

Basically europe/mexico etc. they are just selling synthetics, because not only does it cost allot of labor and $$$ to produce true oils---many trees and plants are hard to obtain for mass production.

THEN you have this problem----synthetics replaced true herbal oils------ JUST N TIME has destroyed much of the manufacturing around the world.. WITH HERBS, it takes YEARS, many YEARS of preparations and harvesting capabilities------in simple terms, all the great herbalist for the past 40 years have believed that essential oils sold inside the USA are synthetic or poor quality at best----NOT FOR HUMAN USE.........

YOU NEVER put something on or in you that is not 100% plant based.

The Miracle Herb appears to be 100% SAFE for anything from the size of a snail to the size of an elephant ---I have never ever found a living thing that has a problem with this herb----plants LOVE IT, gardens LOVE IT, it is a miracle for all mammals and all air breathing life----IN MY OPINION

History suggest this herb was the biblical BURNING BUSH

Dr. Cass wrote the first full size book about how this herb saved his life---then he turned to pure greed and wrote crappy books trying to sale anything he could for more $$$$$---yet, everything he wrote about the miracle herb was true.............but the herb is so much more------more than any other herb on earth could come close to????? The Chinese say 1 other herb may be better----but you can spend 30 years learning about this 1 herb and come away with the belief HOW COULD another herb possible be better????

I purchased 5 gallons of the "BETTER" herb many years ago, but have never tried it, I am not done being amazed with the BURNING BUSH

This year what I seen the Burning Bush do for a 150 gallon aquarium that once had over 100 fish in it and a rock bottom full of fish poop and dirty as can be-------I was beyond AMAZED and even more amazed that the few snails living in that waste are still alive---unharmed.............I KNEW all warm blooded creatures do well with the BURNING BUSH and now I know it dos not even kill snails and snails die SUPER FAST, I can kill an entire pond of snails in a few hours with something as simple as copper sulfate that farmers feed their animals and put on apple trees, etc......snails die EASY, yet the safest and most powerful herb on earth---does not harm even the snail.

NOTHING, not even 35% food grade peroxide or pure grain alcohol works as good in a large hot tub or in this case---a 150 gallon aquarium.

The BURNING BUSH is maybe the rarest to obtain ----I lost the contact after I had purchased several lifetime supply and sadly, due to the synthetics replacing the oils of this world, the REAL STUFF, they literally went to the mountains and harvested and made just for my orders........NO ONE IN THE WORLD WANTS THE REAL STUFF ANYMORE----they want JUST N TIME synthetics.

It takes about 15 years to get use to the burning bush----BECAUSE IT BURNS-----------but once your BRAIN understands that affect, then you no longer experience the BURN, unless you get on your eyes.

To write a REAL BOOK about the uses of The BURNING BUSH would be a book no one could believe...........

My personal opinion is that every baby should be conceived by parents that take the burning bush daily and that this baby be raised with the herb in the air in their bedroom.

THE BURNING BUSH in the air as you sleep, may be the most beneficial use of herbs ever created------entering with the oxygen that goes into every cell of your body----as you sleep.

HERB BOOKS in general are written by people seeking to sale herbs.........much is true in the old books, but so so so much more that has never ever been written about.



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