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Best smartwatches for kids
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Published: 4 months ago

Best smartwatches for kids

If you own a smartwatch, you might find that your child is interested in it and even wants one. Even though purchasing an Apple Watch for a five-year-old might be too much, there are numerous options for smartwatches made for children.
Activity tracking, goal-setting, and life-management features like calendars are common features of many children's smartwatches. Some go further and include GPS tracking, phone calls, and cameras. Therefore, how do you select the most suitable smartwatch for your child? The significance of parental controls, such as setting alarms for bedtime or restricting access to particular features, may be taken into consideration by parents.
The best kids' smartwatches make it easier for parents and children to stay in touch with one another and their extended families and friends. These watches for kids do more than just show the time.
From basic fitness tracker-style watches to all-singing, all-dancing smartwatches with GPS, games, and SIM connectivity, our team at compiled a list of the best smartwatches for kids below. Wearables come from a wide range of manufacturers, some of which are less well-known.
TickTalk 4 4G LTE Kids Smartwatch - kerkoj pune
The TickTalk 4 has the most impressive set of features out of all the smartwatches and activity trackers in this roundup that will appeal to parents and kids alike. It can be used for video, voice, and text messaging because it has two built-in cameras and connects to either the AT&T or T-Mobile cellular network. In addition, it can stream music via iHeartRadio Family Access and has emergency and SOS features. Kids can only use the features that an adult gives them on their smartphone because there are more than 20 parental controls. A pre-approved list of contacts is the only limit on who the wearer can contact. It prevents you from playing games, accessing social media, and freely surfing the internet. In addition, it is possible to monitor the watch in real time and view a history of a child's previous locations and routes, giving parents peace of mind about their children's whereabouts.
It supports video, voice, and text messaging, has more than 20 parental controls, streams music that is suitable for children, but blocks games, social media, and the internet. Pay-as-you-go cell phone service is available, there is no plan for the contract.
Apple SE (2nd Gen) Smart Watch - traktora ne shitje
Although this smart watch is not marketed as a children's watch, Apple is consistently a solid performer, so we feel confident recommending it as a smart watch for older children. SchoolTime feature to help prevent distractions GPS location Parental controls like limiting contacts. Because it is Apple's entry-level watch, you won't have to pay for features like ECG apps or blood oxygen monitors because it has everything you need—GPS, calling, texting, FaceTime, and more. Additionally, your child will never outgrow this watch, so you won't have to buy a new one in a few years. However, if you do decide to purchase a new watch in a few years, this can easily be passed down to future generations.
Parents can configure their child's smart watch using the Family Setup feature, which allows them to choose which contacts their child can interact with, set the SchoolTime mode to ensure that children are not disturbed, receive automatic location notifications, and more. It only works with iPhones and, like most phones with GPS, calling, texting, and location capabilities, requires a cellular plan.
COSMO JrTrack 2 - golf 5 merrjep
A father created the COSMO JrTrack 2 with the needs of both parents and children in mind. It has cool colors, comfortable straps, safety features, and a full-size keyboard for convenience. We like that it has GPS tracking, safe zones, an SOS button, and two-way talk in addition to nice extras like a camera. The best part is that COSMO Membership plans are easy to understand and affordable. There is no video calling and no games but everything is unlimited. With COSMO, you can talk, text, and share photos as much as you want—everything is unlimited. When you need to keep in touch with your children, it is a huge relief to not have to worry about data caps.
Gabb Watch 2
There are numerous ways to make the Gabb Watch 2 from Gabb Wireless affordable. In addition to the $150 total price, you'll have to pay $14.99 per month for unlimited cellular service. However, Gabb Wireless is offering a 50% discount on the watch when you sign up for a one-year service contract, bringing the price down to $75. Or, you can get the kids' smartwatch for free by signing up for a service contract for two years, which costs $14.99 per month.
It is possible to send pre-composed text messages and make unlimited phone calls with this smartwatch. Additionally, there are options for a to-do list, GPS tracking, and a step counter. When a child enters or exits a Safe Zone, such as their home, school, or a friend's house, a parent can set it up to receive an automatic text message. The phone allows up to 25 pre-approved contacts to make voice calls, but it prevents access to the Internet and social media. The fact that kids can raise and care for one of nine virtual pets (like a Tamagotchi) included in the watch is a fun feature. But, there are no optional apps, only 15 customizable options for incoming text messages, and the smartwatch is free with a 24-month service contract. Safe Zones also notify parents when a child arrives at or leaves specific locations.
Garmin vivofit Jr. 2
Every five-year-old fantasizes about this Spider-Man-themed smartwatch. It is easy to spot because it is bright red and has Spidey embossed on the strap. If it is left out, it will be easy to find. We also enjoyed the simplicity of this smartwatch, which is marketed toward adults over the age of four, which we believe to be accurate, with an upper age of approximately 12 years.
With it, our preschooler felt like he had grown up, and it had enough features to keep him happy without being overpowering. However, parents do not need to interact with the app at all and can supervise all app use. Our worries about introducing too much technology to our young child were put to rest as a result of this.
The Garmin app requires both an adult and a child's version, but other than that, it is simple to set up. Using a single button on the watch, you can switch between the information that is displayed and the small screen that displays Spider-Man's face. When the app is connected to your phone via Bluetooth, you can check on your child's progress there. You can assign chores to your child using this app. When they finish the task, they earn coins (you decide how many per chore) and win an adventure with a Spider-Man theme. The Jr. 2 is available in a wide range of additional themes, including Star Wars, Frozen, and other Marvel superhero characters.
Verizon GizmoWatch 2
The Gizmo is a great basic smartwatch for kids that is only available to Verizon cellular service customers. It includes limited calling and texting as well as tracking. A parent can pre-program up to ten reliable contacts for their child to communicate with, and they can use the GPS tracker on any iPhone or Android-based smartwatch to see their child's general location. In addition to making calls, children can record messages to send or use one of the pre-set messages. Step counting, the ability to schedule Quiet Mode, and to-do list functionality are among the added features. This smartwatch does have some flaws, such as problems charging and with the battery life also requires a cellular service plan, limited functionality with pre-set messages, but it has easy calling and texting to pre-approved contacts.
PROGRACE Kids Smart Watch
Features a step counter, the ability to take pictures, and a microSD card that must be used to store music and pictures. It is only available in pink and blue. While you can spend hundreds of dollars on a smart watch for kids, this Prograce option costs less than $40. It has a lot of features, including games, a pedometer, an alarm, a flashlight, and more. A micro SD card, which can be purchased separately, is required for this smart watch to be able to take pictures and store music for later listening via the headphone jack. With nearly 3,400 reviews and a 4.0 rating, it is one of Amazon's most highly rated smart watches for kids. There are two hues to choose from: pink and blue
Best Fitbit Ace 3
For family competitions, other functions include activity and sleep, reminders and alarms for bedtime, reminders to move, notifications from smartphones, a timer, and a stopwatch, battery life, up to eight days. One of the most well-known fitness tracker manufacturers, Fitbit, has not developed a new smartwatch for children. It has a strap and face that are both lightweight and long-lasting, a long battery life, and a simplified user interface made just for kids. There is a children's and a parents' app view if you pair it with your smartphone, which we really liked.
The tracking function has also been simplified; it only records sleep and activity, and you can set family challenges if other members of your family have Fitbits as well. It will gently wake children up in time for school and remind them to go to bed. Unfortunately, it fails to get them to put on their shoes or brush their teeth, but we can't have everything. Despite its OLED technology, which makes it extremely bright even in direct sunlight, the display lacks eye-catching colors and is only available in grayscale. This is ideal for children under the age of 10, as older children may expect more from their smartwatch.
Vtech KidiZoom DX2 smartwatch
It features a number of fun games, including a monster detector and a mousey maze, that are definitely intended to engage younger children. If parents so desire, they can disable the games function in the settings. Additionally, it has a camera so that your kids can record video or take selfies. Our five-year-old was enthralled for a long time by the fun filters that they can use to edit the photos.
The activity tracker is suitable for younger children, despite its lack of sophistication. They are able to track their progress, and a straightforward feature called "activity challenges" entices them to engage in a little bit more physical activity. We, as parents, appreciated that it was a closed system because it did not include GPS, WiFi, or other features, making it very secure to live with our children. Additionally, if you want to download images, you can connect it to your computer.
We discovered that you can mute or reduce the volume of the watch's sounds in the settings. Although the interface lacks beauty, it serves its purpose well, and our child appeared content. Additionally, the chunky home and camera buttons as well as the touchscreen appeared to be completely natural to them.
Amazfit GTS 2 mini
Kids who are older will adore how adult-like this smartwatch feels. It has excellent fitness tracking features, such as daytime activity, sleep, stress, and cycle tracking if your child wants it. They can wear it to track swim because it is waterproof, and it won't matter if they forget to take it off in the shower, which seems almost inevitable. We liked this because it didn't draw our testers in and make them more connected to technology than they already are, despite the fact that it doesn't support calls, messaging, or music playback. However, you can set it to notify you whenever you receive calls or messages, which is useful if your teen frequently "forgets" to check their phone while they are with friends.
It connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, making setup simple. You can begin by downloading the app, scanning a QR code, and allowing pairing. Because the interface navigation isn't quite as intuitive as other options we tried, getting used to the decent-sized touchscreen took some getting used to. We think that this smart watch is really good for older kids and teens. It has a lot of good functions without being too much.
We hope that our list of smartwatches for kids will help you decide what kind of smartwatch you should buy your kid according to your budget and especially needs. Always do your research before buying to make sure you are well informed about the specifications of the smartwatch and the performances you need.

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