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How old

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Hulda Clark Cleanses

New lower prices!
Hulda Clark Cleanses

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Published: 3 months ago

How old

How old is the USA?

Counties rise up and down in the oceans over time..

Nasa years ago all got drunk and set down and made up the billions of years con based on how many times our son rotated around its sun...they said, lets not be NAIVE and out of the thin air---they agreed that out sun has rotated X amount of times and there for the EARTH is x amount of billions of years old---that is what growing up in homes that the parents drink booze every day of their life does to the kids..

Start a few hundred feet down lets say 2,000 feet down---where they get the OIL.....

ABOVE that OIL is layers of SAND / WATER and most of all------JESUS

Every time JESUS returns----earth gets a new layer of ASTEROIDS-----rocks larger than your house and stones as little as sand....BENEATH my feet are layers and layers of ASTEROIDS---those things that PUNCHED THE MOON and left those huge craters..

ALL LIFE known on earth ALL came after the last visit from JESUS---how many of millions of years has that been????? NO ONE KNOWS

EVERY MOUNTAIN on earth has been beneath the OCEANS...........

ALL the DINOSAURS known---all came after the last visit from JESUS

Only in CHINA will they tell you they have human remains over 1 million years old.

ONLY HOTEMA tells you which museums in Europe have hidden remains of humans that were 45 feet tall.

ONLY RUSSIA will tell you how the dinosaurs all died. When the dinosaurs all died, that is when the GLACIERS were instantly formed in just hours-----not millions of years..

When those Glaciers melt, the dinosaurs melt and wash into piles--------MY American History book in public school showed pictures of people in NEW YORK CITY buying Dinosaur STEAKS in fancy restaurants........because they were all killed in about lees than a minute---THE TIME IT TOOK TO CREATE ALL THE GLACIERS on EARTH---the reason they won't let you near the South Pole.

FROZEN MEAT that the fancy RESTAURANTS just 100 years ago----were cooking and SELLING.........

100% of the news has been fake by the year 1900----by 1950 they destroyed the good drs, their good books, they destroyed world history.


The American Indians came and they did not like the GIANT PEOPLE because the giants like eating the INDIANS---so the INDIANS KILLED THEM.........the 6 fingered, 6 toed GIANTS---YOUR ANCESTORS......

Thousands of children are born with 6 toes and 6 fingers-----I personally know 2 guys that were born that way---the hosptias cut the extra finger and toes off at birth.

THE INDIANS used ROCKS, but those giants pre American INDIANS, they surely used rocks also...

TAKE any field and stream and hillside in AMERICA and you do not have to walk long before you find STONES that ancient Americans all used and there must have been MILLIONS of them---because their stones are the creeks, on top and 8 feet belong the soil.......

PRE GUNS and SWORDS earth was covered in PREDATORS----cats/wolves and worse that loved to eat YOU............

ALL the fish, birds/reptiles/humans, you name it--------THEY all are PLANTED on EARTH, with the humans....use Hawaii as the example---people plant each specie and restrict what they don't want living there----THE ENTIRE PLANET is the same------PEOPLE from hundreds of different planets bringing their favorite specie to earth..



EACH COUNTRY is killing off humans and RESTORING the PREDATORS.............from China, to Russia, to America---pick any country on earth and those in charge are protecting the predators and killing the children...


WAKE - is a RESTAURANT in SPACE.......preferred species are what is raised.

USA TODAY 30+ years ago tried to explain it--they took the entire front page and explained how the state of California did not have enough dead people an that 3 labs bid on every unwanted dead person---averaging $175,000.00 for a normal dead person and upwards of $300,000.00 for a young fresh girl------

WHY? HOW? The owner of the paper--fell short of telling all---

YET, President Regan in his last years said that it was a MISTAKE to open the border to supply the demand for bodies for the labs. HE REGRETTED DOING IT-----

AS A RESULT, today L.A. on any given week has a surplus of 500+ extra dead bodies that they burn.

FACTS: The countries are all RAISING BIG CATS, powerful PREDATORS and treating human babies as unwanted.

IN THE PHILIPPINES snakes, tigers and gators can EAT YOU and the gov protect the snakes..

THE ONLY REASON those predators have such value is because the $$$$ they are worth........PERIOD---something, someone likes EATING TIGERS, WOLVES, etc....over eating humans...

What would eat dead humans?????? ONLY REPTILES===reptiles are vial creatures that like rotted flesh.......and that is why all the early websites about what is under the state of California was always about REPTILIANS....

OR NOT, history will prove someday


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