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Essential Oil of Wild Oregano

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Published: 4 months ago

Essential Oil of Wild Oregano

as proven via the curezone---it can drive some parasites -----crazy.

Tea Tree Essential Oil do the same as will many others....

If you have 4 legged parasite / disease spreading pest like mice-------take pure grain alcohol, pure wild oregano oil, pure peppermint oil---MIX ALL THREE, the oil dissolves into the alcohol and will dry almost instantly where ever you spray it and mice / spiders will leave as it instantly kills all mold....

Alcohol can harm plastics, so you may be safer adding a little water to your mix---but then it will not dry as fast---pure alcohol dries extremely fast.

As long as Wild Oregano Oil drives parasites crazy----spray spray spray until all the mice and spiders are gone....

Wild Oregano Oil blended with a little this and a little of that, with a dash or essential oil of cayenne--------over 10 years ago-----PROVED that an inflicted human, suffering from pains that may have been 30+ years old---or maybe they were in a wheelchair or suffering from head aches, etc., etc.. BY JUST SPRAYING in the AIR, where that type of person is near----can make them COUGH and if they stay in that room for 1-15 minutes----sometimes what EVER was PLAGUING THEM ---would vanish and they would stand up and say their pain was gone, their gout was gone, their head ache was gone---etc..

HOW could their pain disappear so fast? Did the demons inside them have to FLEE the body? Did aliens that possessed them have to LEAVE? Did their circulation increase? Or was it their brain all the time---causing them years of PAINS that crippled them????

OR a little of "ALL" the above---

Do Not be Fooled----humans are easily "possessded" buy evil----- MONKS say their chants in an attempt to warn off demons---people for thousands of years have used spices, etc., etc. in attempts to keep demon possession away from their families......medical uses a "drug" during some operations that makes it so the patient does not really wake up for 30+ days and during those 30 days--what ever controls that patient, they can act like they never in current times and came from the ancient past...

IN BIBLICAL TIMES----garlic and all the spices was the REAL $$$$$$$......THE SPICE TRADE

Spices kept people healthy-----the BURNING BUSH, all the hot spices had value for health----because people believed if you were not healthy-----demons were tormenting you.

EXTREMELY Poor Old Order Amish Families only value health---health is everything, growing their own food is everything---they spend every day working for the health of the family farm...

A person that may be in a wheelchair or plagued with pains for 30+ years---could be the result of demons, but more likely it is just the gland between their eyes, in their brain, that cripples them.....RESTORING the circulation along with things to RELAX that part of the brain---might possibly erase those debilitating pains in 90 seconds.

Or if you believe more like the MONKS---you might believe the demons----just like the mice---THEY HAVE TO LEAVE, because they can't stand the smell.

DEMON POSSESSED PEOPLE? Depending on what city you live in or near---you might be walking for days before you find a free person...2,000+ years ago, the Biblical Monks said thy are easy to recognize---the more demons inside the person, the more they hate babies and children and mothers.....demons have but 1 goal---to help people die---drugs their chosen weapon of choice.

Wild Oregano Oil and many other essential oils of spice plants like cayenne have ENDLESS uses around demons---so if the demon possessed plague your home or neighborhood---maybe you put some essential oil of garlic in your mixture--------I SWEAR ESSENTIAL OIL of GARLIC drives people CRAZY...........maybe long long ago they understood that and that is why so many cultures hung garlic in their homes.

Over 2,000 years ago, people understood a person could have hundreds, even thousands of demons inside them---that was pre world war 1, who knows, maybe people today can have millions of demons inside them......either way, garlic will drive them insane. Actually, it appears here on the dead zone, anything that may make children healthier may drive some insane.

SAFER to have friends that LOVE CHILDREN than those that just hate them selves and hate their life---those types like the dope that drops them dead in the streets.

MAYBE THIS-------garlic/spices demon free house, makes people HAPPIER? HAPPY people like other people and then have BABIES


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